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Choose Window Dressings to Makeover Your Bay Window Seat

Bay Window Seat Ideas

What are Bay Windows?

Big and large windows are always a fascinating addition to any room. They allow ample natural light and air to flow into the rooms and lend a cheerful vibe to the surroundings. This accounts for the popularity of bay windows that continue to be a hot favorite among the homeowners. These are windows that jut out from the exterior wall of the building thus creating extra space in the room. These windows can be three or five angled ones sprawled across a major part of a wall. Bay windows are gorgeous particularly if they overlook a beautiful outside view like mountains or sea. It is a luxurious window style that becomes a focal point of any room.

Using Your Bay Windows

The space that is created by a bay window can be put to many innovative uses. Most popularly the bay window area is converted into a seating arrangement with storage facilities. Create a favorite hangout or reading nook in the house by throwing in some cushions, adding some soft cozy lights and of course a functional and elegant window treatment. You can spend hours here enjoying a captivating sunset or watching the waves breaking on the shore while you sip on some chilled beer or cup of freshly brewed hot coffee.

Window Seats with Drapes

Bay Window Seating and Window Treatment Ideas

Getting the right bay window seat and look is important if you want to do justice to those beautiful windows. If you want to redo your existing bay windows let us take a quick look at some of the sitting arrangement and window treatment ideas.

Classic Look
If you are looking for an elegant bay window seat to compliment the softly curved ceilings of the room and soft pale blue color palette go for straight neat lines. Keep the seating arrangement simple minus all the frills and over the top decorations. Add a seating cushion to match the color palette of the room, throw in some white or cream-colored cushions and you have your bay window seat ready. To match the minimalist and elegant look of the room you can use white-colored plantation shutters as window coverings for the bay windows. They are extremely versatile; help addresses your lighting and privacy needs without blocking your view and at the same time are gorgeous to look at.
Cellular Shades for Large Windows

Replacing Built-in Seats
If you do not have a built-in seating arrangement for the bay windows it is absolutely fine not to invest in one. You can slide a cozy brightly colored settee into the bay window space that is created by the angled windows. You can paint the wall with some bright shades to complement the look. For window treatments, you could try using some soft colored drapes to create a balanced look for the room and not go overboard.
Bay Window Roller Shades

Blend it in
If you have an all-white room with rattan furniture, go for a minimalist seating arrangement for the bay windows. Stick to white or similar light shade cushion seat, use white-colored sheer curtains and throw in some spherical shaped cushions to create a cozy and comfortable nook for yourself in a room that is bursting with personality.

Reading Nook
If you want to create a reading nook by the bay window you could try adding some shelves near the seat. Add some stylish statement lights, some bold striped cushions and complete the look with elegant light-colored Roman Shades or Pleated Shades. The cozy reading corner is now ready and you can indulge in some long hours disappearing into the pages of history.
Bay Window Roman Shades
Over-sized Pillows
If you have a big bay window that stretches across a sizeable portion of the wall then you get for yourself a fairly large seating arrangement for you and your family to spend some quality time snuggling up with each other. For this arrangement use oversized pillows for added comfort to lean against something soft. Add soft lighting to create a romantic ambiance and team this look with looped Roman Shades for ultimate elegance.

If you want your bay window space to serve more than just a seating arrangement you can add storage options. Increase the height of the seat and use the space beneath for storage by adding drawers and cabinets. These are extremely helpful for storing small stuff that lies around. You can use floral printed or brightly colored seating cushions and pillows to go with your room color scheme and style. For window treatment, you could use wooden blinds, shutters or roman shades.

Headboard and Valance
If you want to increase the comfort of your bay window seats you can think of adding a headboard to rest your head while reading or snoozing. To pull off the look you could add a similar colored valance for a little drama. It gives a classy and traditional feel to the bay window area.
Window Valances and Cornices for Bay Windows
Curtain the Bay Window
You could create a haven for complete solitude by curtaining the bay window using long drapes. Hang the drapes high and allow them to reach till the floor. You could use heavy fabrics for a gorgeous yet elegant look, use bright accent pillows and a seat.

Anchor Room around Bay Window
You could anchor an entire room around your bay window if it is large enough and extends from one corner of the wall to the other. Make the window seats spacious; add coffee tables and throw in some cushions and you have a big seating arrangement for the entire family. Roman Shades work wonders for this setup or even sheer shades.

If you have a bay window in the house do not hesitate to experiment with it. Give it the look you want, understated or dramatic. You could make it the focal point of the room or allow it to blend it with existing decor. Use oversized pillows, soft seating cushions, soft or statement lights and pay particular attention to the window treatment you choose. They can make or break the look you are trying to create for the bay windows.

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