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Beat the Summer Heat With Sun Blocking Window Treatments

Sun Blocking Window Treatments

Sun Blocking Window Treatments To Shield Your Home From Harsh Weather

Every season has its own charm. Summers are known for summer vacations, playing outside, and excessive heat and winters make us value our sunlight with long nights and cold weather. Sunlight has a vital role in every season. It is essential for the health of people as well as the health of our home. A certain amount of sunlight creates a relaxing and bright ambiance inside the home. But when the intensity of it becomes too high and the harmful radiations of the sun start damaging our skin, furniture, flooring and other home décor like carpets, rugs, etc., then sunlight can become irritating. Having control over the amount of sunlight that enters inside your home is a must. People opt for many ways like implementing curtains, installing air conditioners, keeping doors and windows closed for the entire day, and many more. But all these ways are not appropriate somehow. Curtains are an outdated trend which does not fulfill the purpose of shielding your home effectively. They are more likely just for enhancing the appearance of your interiors. Air conditioners are not nature-friendly and emit harmful radiations which contribute to making our mother nature unhealthy for future generations. Shutting windows and doors for the entire day is also not a good idea as it blocks the view of outside.


ZebraBlinds has solved this very common and alarming problem of homeowners by bringing a huge and very effective budget-friendly collection of sun blocking window treatments. They come in a variety of specifications like colors, designs, textures, patterns, shapes, sizes, materials, and functionalities. They are most-effective and highly recommended. These window treatments not only will make your home look beautiful but they will also shield it completely from the outside harsh weather.

Best Sun Blocking Shades

There are various types of window blinds and shades available in our collection to suit every requirement of the customers. Some window treatments are for creating a gloomy ambiance, some for elegance, some for bringing nature home, some for adding a traditional touch to the interiors, and likewise. Homeowners have to set their preferences and needs to decide the most suitable one for them. They can explore our collection or can also get in touch with our experts to get the best guidance.


Knowing about sun blocking window treatments should be the first step if you want to go ahead with the implementation of window blinds and shades at your place.

Here are some points which should be kept in mind while choosing for the right window covering:

Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing Sun Blocking Window Treatments



What is the first thing you look for while scrolling for window coverings? Is it the appearance or the functionality or the budget? We have a solution for your every preference. If you prefer appearance over functionality and budget, then we will suggest you go ahead with roman shades and blinds. These are royal to look at and add a touch of luxury to your home. They are crafted with many materials in intricate designs. Available in an array of patterns, colors and textures, these are perfect to redesign the appearance of your interiors. When it comes to functionality, then our smart window coverings are the ones that serve your purposes very well. Smart window coverings are cordless and can be operated with a remote or your smartphones or with home automation hubs. Giving voice commands to your window coverings is also possible if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These can be integrated with your window coverings that are equipped with Z-wave technology. If budget is your concern then you can go ahead with roller shades or faux wood blinds. These are inexpensive and serve the purpose of blocking the sunlight effectively.

Smart Sun Shades  


Sun blocking window treatments are available in many products, like room darkening cellular blinds, outdoor blinds and shades, natural blinds and shades, honeycomb blinds, wooden blinds and shades, and many more. It depends on the need and choice of the homeowner to choose the best one. If you want complete blockage from the sun rays then you can opt for blackout window treatments. They make your space dark and perfect for a sound sleep even during daylight. If you want to keep the view along with filtering the excess amount of light then you can choose sheer window blinds and shades. They filter the excess sunlight and let the filtered natural light merge with the artificial light creating a calm atmosphere. They do not block the view of outside as well. For windows which are hard to reach, skylight window coverings are the one for them. They are easy to install and operate no matter how high your windows are located. You can install sun blocking window treatments inside as well as outside your home. They can be implemented inside or outside the window mounts depending on the homeowners.

 Solar Powered Skylight Shades



Endless options of materials are available when it comes to window coverings solutions. You can go ahead with synthetic materials like polyester, PVC, vinyl or you can choose metal like aluminum. For a simple and traditional look, go ahead with fabric shades available in various color shades and intricate designs. If you are a nature lover, then you can choose natural material for crafting your window coverings like wood, jute, bamboo, etc. All the materials used by us are of premium quality. Our offered collection of blinds are best for privacy and light. They are durable and long-lasting.


Place of implementation:

Window coverings can be installed anywhere inside or outside the home like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, backyard, lobby, cinema or gaming room, garages, etc. You should always decide for which area of the home you are buying these sun porch window treatments. If you are getting them installed in your kitchen over the sink then it will be advisable to keep in mind their water resistance. Window blinds or shades installed there need to be waterproof so that they can last long. For bathrooms as well, the window coverings should be waterproof and should also provide complete privacy. For the living room and large windows, vertical blinds are the most-preferred solution. Bedrooms require privacy and complete blockage of light for a dark ambiance so blackout window blinds and shades are the best to implement there. Outside area can be covered with solar or exterior window coverings. Metal or PVC window blinds and shades are also perfect for outside or lobby area as they are robust and weather-resistant. For your home cinema or gaming room, again blackout shades are a great option. Along with blocking light, blackout cellular shades can also help block the sounds outside.

 Sunscreen Window Treatments

If you keep all these points in your mind while shopping for window coverings, then there is no way you will go wrong. This is a very worthy investment which in return saves on your energy bills as well by lowering the usage of the air conditioner. Buy blinds online in Canada from ZebraBlinds and get exciting deals and discounts. Our sunroom shades and blinds can also be customized as per the needs and taste of the homeowners. We have free delivery directly to your doorstep. Apart from this, we have professionals available 24 / 7 to solve any of your queries or to answer any of your questions. They will also help you out with measurements, installation, cleaning and maintenance of your window coverings. So start exploring and order right away.

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