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Get Both Privacy & Your View With Sheer Roller Shades

Sheer Roller Shades for Windows

Sheer Roller Shades to Enjoy the Sunlight While Relaxing in Your Home

It’s no secret that the sun rays are one of the richest sources of vitamin D that is essential for good health. By blocking them completely from entering your home or staying away from them everytime you step out of the home by applying sunscreen lotions and creams, you are depriving yourself of this precious vitamin. This vitamin is necessary for the health and strength of your bones and teeth. It also supports your immune system and protects the body against cancer.

Though sunlight is necessary, an excess amount of it is harmful and can cause skin cancer. The scorching sun and harsh glare can also affect your eyes. It is also harmful to the lifespan of your furniture and home décor.


To provide a balanced and perfect amount of light to your home, ZebraBlinds has come up with a beautiful collection of Sheer Roller Shades for windows. These window covering treatments filter out the excess sunlight and merging the rest with the artificial light of your home. This creates a perfect ambiance and light balance in the area.

Amongst endless options available in the market, Sheer View Roller Shades are both simple to utilize and exceptionally useful. Roller shades are crafted similar to a scroll and are of three primary sorts – decorative, light filtering/sheer and blackout. Decorative roller shades are designed with intricately-designed fabric in a wide range of subtle, bright and neutral color tones. These are primarily to enhance the look of your room by adding elegance. Light filtering/sheer roller shades are able to block the excess amount of sunlight and harsh glare along with maintaining the outside view. Blackout roller blinds Canada is to completely block the sunlight making your room dark. These are the best option for a sound sleep even during the day.

Light Filtering Sheer Shades


Sheer Roller Shades for Windows is the perfect alternative for outdated curtains and drapes. They also are equipped with a lot of benefits which are listed below.

5 Best Benefits Of Sheer Roller Shades For Windows


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Elegant in design and traditional in appearance, window blinds and shades with sheer fabric serve to complement your home décor instead of being a major focal point. They are highly effective when it comes to blockage of harmful UV radiations and beautification of your space. Sheer roller shades add a classic style to your windows along with flawless operation and a timeless look.

Sheer Roller Shades


Versatility is their strength

When it comes to redesigning your home, it demands a lot of permutations and combinations of color themes and designs to get that perfect appearance. To accomplish that, ZebraBlinds offers an array of specifications like colors, textures, patterns, designs, functionalities, materials, sizes and shapes. You can get the best match as per the décor and theme of your room. You can also get these sheer roller shades for windows customized as per your needs and desires. They can fit in windows of any size and shape and can also be implemented in those windows which are hard to reach.


Inexpensive is Good

Budget is a very significant factor while shopping for home décor. You will come across a lot of elegant but costly affairs in the market for redesigning your windows. But, sheer roller shades for windows tend to cost less because of their simple yet attractive design. By implementing these window blinds with sheer fabric, you will be able to block light and maintain privacy. These blinds and shades come in various specifications like electric blackout roller blinds, room darkening sheer shades, cordless roller shades, smart roller blinds, etc. You can avail the one which suits your requirements at affordable prices.



Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Sheer roller shades for windows have the tendency to collect dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris over time. Unlike other window coverings, roller shades are not very mechanically complex so, they don’t require frequent maintenance and repairs. They just need regular dusting and vacuuming like any other household item. The minimalist appearance and design of sheer view roller shades make them exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. They’re less likely to require repairs due to the moving parts behind contained and protected inside the headrail.

Easy Cleaning of Sheer Shades


Let the smartness of your windows steal the show

Operating your window blinds and shades with cords is an outdated method which doesn’t fit in this smart era when everything around us is getting an upgrade. Home automation products are the latest trend in the market, which is gaining the attention of most homeowners. If you also want to impress your guests or visitors with a smart and intelligent home, then implementing smart roller shades is the most-preferred and cost-effective initiative you must take. This is not only budget-friendly but also environment-friendly, unlike air conditioning. Air conditioners emit harmful radiations which make the environment unhealthy, and they use a lot of energy. With sheer roller shades for windows, the temperature of your home can be maintained easily without affecting the environment. This will also save on your high energy bills.

Our window blinds with a sheer view can be operated with a portable remote control as these are equipped with Z-wave technology. By integrating them with smart hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink, you can also give voice commands to them. For this feature, you will need Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These smart features of our sheer roller blinds transform the look and feel of your home instantly. Also, cordless blinds and shades are safe for kids and pets as there is no danger of cords that can get tangled up.

Motorized Sheer Horizontal Roller Shades


There are numerous options and various specifications available while picking the sorts of window shades needed in your home. A lot of homeowners pick window treatments rapidly, without knowing the majority of their features, alternatives or considering what diverse sorts of options could improve the ambiance of each room. Sheer roller shades for windows are the sort of window treatment that may not yet be commonplace. So, explore our latest collection, get them customized as per your choice and needs, order online and make your home smart.


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