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Best Blinds For Vaulted Windows

Blinds for Vaulted Windows

Combine Classic Architecture of Vaulted Windows With Modern Functionality of Blinds

Vaulted windows are a timeless architectural design which showcases the same classic beauty today that they always have. They are known by many names like cathedral windows, high windows, raised ceilings, etc. Centuries ago, vaulted designs began as an architectural preferred choice in cathedrals or basilicas. These designs have the capacity to visually or intangibly make a larger space. They created a profound effect of an optical illusion on our entire architectural history. Vaulted windows are advantageous as they create an airy feel in your space and make it look bigger than it physically is.

No matter how much or how many kinds of artificial lights you implement in your home, natural light is typically the ideal end of all great lighting. Having a perfect amount of natural light is a definite perk. Vaulted windows allow a huge amount of natural light to enter into your space which can disturb its ambiance and feel. An excess amount of light raises the temperature of your home making it feel hot and uncomfortable. One of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions to block the harsh sunrays is implementing window blinds for vaulted windows.

Curtains and drapes are an outdated choice which doesn’t serve the purpose of blocking the sunlight completely. They are also delicate in nature and wear off easily. Window blinds for vaulted windows are a modern and reliable option which will shield your home from outside harsh weather. Along with serving the purpose of blocking the scorching sun effectively, these window blinds also add an elegant look to your home. They come in various specifications like functionality, color, texture, size, etc. ZebraBlinds also provide customization options at a reasonable rate so that you can match your window coverings for vaulted windows with the theme of your interiors easily.

With various benefits and choices, window blinds are becoming the foremost choice of many homeowners. Let’s discuss the choices of blinds we have to help you further in taking the right decision.


Different Kind Of Window Blinds for Different Kind Of Needs

With endless choices and specifications, window blinds are sleekly functional and effortlessly stylish. ZebraBlinds has a huge collection of different kind of blinds to fulfill all the needs and choices of our customers. Here is the list of all kind of blinds available with us:


#1. Aluminum Blinds: Sturdy and robust, these aluminum blinds are perfect for your home. They offer superior privacy, great light & heat control, and eye-catching appearance. Available in a wide range of colors, designs, sizes, and shapes, they can be installed in any type of windows.


#2. Natural Blinds: Bring nature home with our best-in-class collection of natural blinds. They are crafted from wood, jute, bamboo and other natural materials. They are perfect to adorn any room in your home creating a soothing and comfortable ambiance.

Natural Blinds for Angled Windows


#3. Vinyl Blinds: These blinds offer comfort and beauty both. Sturdy in nature and with a polished look, these window coverings add a dash of elegance to the décor of your home. These vinyl blinds are an economical option and are available in a range of customization options and color shades.


#4. Composite Blinds: Transform the look of your home with these distinctive window treatments. They offer an artistic look and greater durability. With smooth and superb textures, they will make the ambiance of your home appealing and attractive. They are resistant to moisture and temperature and can be installed easily.


#5. Skylight Blinds: If you have windows in your home that are hard to reach or are located too high, then skylight blinds are a perfect option. They can be installed and operated easily. Crafted from high-quality material, these blinds let the natural light in while maintaining the view also when open. They block the harsh sunlight completely when closed leading to a soothing atmosphere. You can also use window blinds with sheer fabric which delivers a smooth effect of natural light inside.


#6. Wood Blinds: Made from superior quality wood, these blinds portray a sophisticated elegance and an artistic appeal. They protect your home from UV radiations and harsh sun glare with luxurious wooden slats. We offer a beautiful collection of wood blinds in Canada. You can also get them customized as per your needs and décor of your room.


#7. Faux Wood Blinds: Emulating the royal look of wood, these faux wood blinds are durable and robust in nature. With easy cleaning and maintenance, these wood-like blinds have come a long way from composite material to a newer supreme quality PVC/Vinyl material. They crack-resistant, highly durable and affordable also.


Faux Wood Blinds for Angled Windows


#8. Smart Motorized Blinds: If you wish to make your home tech-inspired while being under budget, then smart motorized blinds are for you. They are cordless blinds that work with the help of a portable and convenient remote control. With Z-wave technology equipped in them, these blinds are a smart addition to your classic windows.


The above-mentioned list of different kinds of window blinds is available with us in various specifications like color schemes, textures, patterns, sizes, shapes, functionality, etc. Get them customized under your budget and reflect your style and taste via your home décor.

After knowing the different kinds of blinds available, it’s time to go through their benefits. We have collated a list of all the benefits you can avail by implementing blinds on your vaulted windows.

Smart Motorized Blinds for Cathedral


Top 10 Reasons Of Choosing Blinds For Vaulted Windows

Customization: Getting blinds for vaulted windows sounds tricky, but with our customization options, there is no hassle in implementing them. The size and shape of your windows doesn’t matter as we have blinds for every type of windows. Not only size and shape, options for selecting the material and opacity range are also available. Depending on the needs and choices of the customers, we design blinds in various materials like sheer fabric, blackout material, natural material like bamboo, jute, wood, and others. Our professionals assure perfect fitting and operation of these blinds. Get them installed on your vaulted windows and you will feel the change.


Appearance: Curtains are common but blinds are modern and unique. They will make the ambiance of your home elegant and soothing. You can merge them with the look of your home interiors. Their sleek slats and polished look lend a very attractive appearance which will definitely receive compliments from your guests or visitors.

Great light and heat control: Vaulted windows allow an ample amount of light inside your home. Blinds for vaulted windows is the most preferred solution to control the light and glare of the Sun. They can block the light completely or partially depending on the need and time of the day. By implementing this blockage, the temperature of your home will remain nice and controlled. It will make your home comfortable and soothing.

Easy cleaning and maintenance: Cleaning blinds for vaulted windows is not hard. They just need regular dusting and vacuuming like any other household item. For deep cleaning, you can dip a cloth in a detergent solution. Swipe each slat carefully and your blinds will be brand new again.

Easy installation: Our experts are here to guide you 24 by 7. You can measure your vaulted windows yourself by simply following instructions on our website. Blinds for vaulted windows can be mounted inside or outside the window. There are different instructions for both mountings. You can follow them for measuring and installing your blinds.

Energy-efficiency: Blinds for vaulted windows blocks UV radiations and harsh sunlight from entering your home. This will make your home cool which leads to the lesser need for air conditioning. Less requirement of AC will lower your energy bills thus saving you a considerable amount of money.

Nature-friendly: Implementing air conditioning is a costly affair which has so many side effects on outside environment. Blinds for vaulted windows is a nature-friendly and reliable solution. They keep the inside of your home protected from outside weather without affecting outside atmosphere. Air conditioner, on the other hand, emits harmful radiations which contribute to making the environment unhealthy for our future generations.

Affordable: With various specifications, blinds for vaulted windows come in every range. You can customize them as per your budget and need easily. You also don’ t need to visit the market to shop for your windows. Buy blinds online in Canada at cheap prices from ZebraBlinds. Order your custom blinds online from us and enjoy exclusive deals and offers.

Safe for kids and pets: Our blinds are cordless which make them a safe and sound implementation at home. Strings attached to blinds can get kids and pets tangled in them which is dangerous. These window coverings come with a cordless option which makes them easily accessible especially for hard to reach windows.

Smart functionality: You can operate your window blinds with a portable and convenient remote control from anywhere in your room. These blinds are smart and are equipped with Z-wave technology. You can also give voice commands to them by integrating them with home automation devices like Samsung SmartThings and wink.

With reasonable prices and impressive discounts, buy window blinds online at ZebraBlinds for budget-friendly window treatments and give your home an enthralling makeover.

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