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We would all love to give our best to our kids. They are our responsibility and helping them to adjust to a new environment after nine months of warmth and safety in a mother’s womb is a prime concern. Parents and parents-to-be have so many dreams and plans for them. Besides loving and nurturing them, keeping them safe and protecting their fragile lives should be important. There is so much said about letting them stand on their own two feet and allowing them to make mistakes. Definitely not to the point that it is a threat to their safety. Child safety begins at home. Windows, cribs and beddings hold the greatest potential danger to child safety. According to Fair warning, a non-profit investigative news organization based in Los Angeles, as far back as 1981, the U.S.CPSC, identified window blind cords as a cause of strangulation death among children under five years of age. According to the data compiled by the CPSC, at least 332 children most of them under the age of 2, have been fatally strangled by window cords over the last 30 years. Another 165 have been injured, including some who suffered permanent brain damage or quadriplegia requiring lifelong care and therapy. Cords make for a chillingly quick and silent death. Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the U.S called children our most valuable resource. “Children are one-third of our population and all of our future”, according to a Select panel for the Promotion of Child Health 1981. So why are we letting our children die?




Health Canada defines corded window coverings as an interior window covering that incorporates a bead chain, cord or any type of flexible looped device in this operation.
Multiple cords connected by one tassel
Continuous loop pull cords and bead chains
Inner cord loops
Children can strangle in non-looped cords left long and dangling.
They can become entangled in the cords.
They can insert their head into loops formed when cords are knotted together.




Health Canada makes certain requirements for Corded Window Coverings.
If there is a continuous loop pull cord, it must have a TENSION DEVICE attached to the cord by the manufacturer. Instructions must show how to install tension devices. If products have inner cords that can be pulled out, STOP DEVICES must be attached to keep large inner cord loops from forming. Performance testing is required for these devices. The onus is on the user to adjust the distance of cord stops for an adjustable length of the product. Products can have CORD RELEASE DEVICES that break away. These connect the ends of pull cords and release if force is applied inside the loop.




When window cords become accessible to small, innocent children these products that are seemingly harmless become strangulation hazards. “CHILDREN AND WINDOW CORDS DO NOT MIX” according to the Window Coverings Safety Council.
In May 2015, the Window Coverings Manufacturers Association, developed a certification program that would help identify window coverings that are best suited for use in areas where young children are present .This program will help identify window covering products that comply with the programs rules and child safety.
To be eligible for the program, a window covering must be submitted for evaluation to one of the qualified independent third party testing laboratories selected by the WCMA. If the product is determined to be in compliance with the program rules, that product can be labelled and marketed with the certified “Best for Kids” logo.



A window covering must meet one of the three test evaluations in order to be eligible to bear the certificate logo –

TEST 1 It shall have no cords.
TEST 2 The product should not have operating cords and inner cords should be accessible in accordance with Appendix C of the current version of ANSI/WCMA A100. 1
TEST 3 If accessible inner cords are present in products with no operating cords, the accessible inner cords cannot create a hazardous loop in accordance with Appendix D of the current version of ANSI/WCMA A100.1
Once a third party test report has been issued indicating the product is eligible for the program, the client can then engage with WCMA for details on how to label compliant products.




Child safety has always been intrinsic to the design of Norman products. Their child and pet safe cord release device is designed to deploy when there is a risk of entanglement. It has been vigorously tested and complies with standards from the CPSC and others. Norman was eager to participate in the “Best for Kids” program with their Cordless range of products. Several Norman products have earned this certification.
Cordless Honeycomb Shades, Top-Down-Bottom-Up Cordless Honeycomb Shades, PVC Vertical Blinds, Cordless Day and Night Honey comb shades, Cordless Roman shades, Cordless Roller shades
This designation certifies that each of the products are free from hazards due to pull cords and inner cords as defined by the latest ANSI WCMA standards.
Look out for Norman’s Portrait Light Filtering Shades and Blackout Shades on You can now be reassured that your purchases are kid and pet friendly. Their control options include the SmartFit, SmartRise, and Motorization of these shades.
The SmartFit option provides a sleek profile to windows as the cords are carefully concealed at the sides when the shade is lowered from the top or raised from the bottom according to desired levels of privacy and light control. There are no cords visible in the middle of the shades while the shade fits tightly into the edges of the window. A handle is the safer solution here for homes with kids and children.
The SmartRise system to works on the same mechanism. It is a smooth and reliable operation and the shade locks at any position desired.
Motorization of these shades by using RF allows an operation from virtually anywhere in the house. Multiple shades can be operated simultaneously too. This cordless control is an enhanced safety measure.



Best-for-kids-Norman-cellular-shades-Canada -

The cordless Day/night and TDBU Cellular shades have the SmartRise and SmartFit option too.


The Aerolite Control option for Norman’s Light Filtering, Room darkening and Opaque Roman Shades does away with unsightly metal or plastic rings that could easily break up. Sloppily finished fabric lift systems can get twisted or stop working and exposed cords are unsafe. The award-winning Aerolite system is an innovative and patent-pending lift system. It does away with cords completely. Its smooth operation is similar to that of a cordless control option. To raise the shade one has to pull the shade downwards, then let it rise automatically and lock it into the position you want. To lower the shade it has to be gently pulled down and locked into position. One can also adjust how quickly your shade should rise or lower with this option.


Hopefully there should be a day in the near future where cordless window coverings will become mandatory and children will enjoy the joys of exploring without any fear or accidents.


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