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Best RV Window Coverings For Versatile Outdoor Use

Best RV Window Coverings For Versatile Outdoor Use

With summers already in full force, it is the best time to go traveling and what better way than driving your own RV around, exploring awesome destinations, and having fun on the go. While the whole prospect sounds exhilarating, it can get really hot, sticky and uncomfortable inside your RV if you have not invested enough in insulating it against extreme weather conditions such as the scorching summer afternoons.

Window treatments really come in handy in such cases as they help keep the interiors comfortable and pleasant. Your air-conditioning system also finds it easier to keep indoors cool and comfy when the windows of the RV are covered with appropriate window treatments. For summers window coverings that can provide better heat insulation and light control will be a welcome addition while you are gearing up to hit the road for a fun trip.

The window coverings can also enhance the decorative appeal of the interiors of your RV to give it a more homely appeal. This can really help make your trip more memorable and delightful. If you are traveling with friends or family, they will also appreciate your sophisticated yet practical taste.
Pleated Shades for RV Windows

Things to Lookout for While Selecting Window Coverings for Your RV

If you are planning to get window coverings for your RV, there are some important factors you should be mindful of while making a purchase decision. Let us look at them in greater detail:

Portability and Build Quality
The RV is a compact living space that is constantly on the move. Hence, the window coverings that you get for your RV should be portable and compact enough to be able to keep up. They should be easy to install, should be durable and sturdy enough to cope with the rigors of your travel.

Heat Insulation and Light Control
This is perhaps the most crucial factor that you just can’t afford to overlook. The window coverings should protect the interiors from the Sun’s heat and the glare caused by the bright sunlight. To get that you should look out for window treatments that have a higher R-value and higher opacity. If you opt for sheers or coverings which allow more light to enter inside, they may not prove to be that effective in providing good heat insulation or in safeguarding your privacy.

Value for Money
Cost-effectiveness is another parameter you need to pay attention to. The road trip you may be planning to undertake is already going to cost you significantly. People often work with a fixed budget for such trips and splurging on window treatments that are too expensive may leave your budget in disarray. So, the focus should be on finding options that fulfill the requirements while being cost-effecting. You should strive for maximizing the value you get out of the investment.

Which RV Window Coverings are Best Suited for Outdoor Use?

Since you are getting the window coverings for outdoor use, the common challenges and issues that emerge in an outdoor regime need to be taken into account when deciding which window treatments to go with. The first logical step is to identify the issues you may face during your outdoor trip in your RV. UV exposure, heat, dust, noise, privacy concerns, rattling, exertion, etc. are some of the prominent issues that can come up. Hence, the ideal window coverings should have features and capabilities that can help counter such issues.

Let us look at some of the best RV window coverings that are ideal for versatile outdoor use:

Solar Shades

Proper heat insulation is of paramount importance when we talk about a long-distance road trip in an RV. Solar shades are right at the top amongst the window treatment options that specialize in preventing heat gain due to convection. Solar shades normally are made from materials that have a reflective surface. This helps reflect most of the heat falling on its surface. As a result heat gain through convection is prevented and the interiors stay cool and comfortable. For this very reason, solar shades can be a great window treatment choice for your RV. You also get other benefits such as protection against dust, good light control, and decent privacy. You can choose between the blackout variants and the light-filtering ones depending on your preference.
RV Window CoveringsRV Window Coverings

Cellular Shades or Honeycomb Shades

Both cellular shades and honeycomb shades are referred to in the same vein and interchangeably. However, there is some difference in terms of structure. While both layers of fabric that have air pockets in between, honeycomb shades get their name due to the structure formed by the layers of fabric that resemble a honeycomb pattern. Apart from this structural difference, both the cellular and the honeycomb shades work on the same principle. The air pockets act as insulators and help prevent heat gain. These shades also diffuse the light really well and sound-proof the interiors to some extent. Hence, these shades can be another ideal option to dress up the windows of your RV.
Cellular Shades for RV Windows

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum mini blinds are another awesome yet inexpensive choice for your RV windows. These are quite durable and easy to clean. Since these blinds are available in lots of color options, finding the ones that go well with the color scheme and décor of your RV will not be an issue. These blinds have adjustable slats and provide awesome light control capability and that can really come in handy during your outdoor trip.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are much easier to operate and can be motorized and operated via a remote or your smartphone. This can really help control the blinds without a hassle even when you are behind the wheels. Boasting of good heat insulation and light-filtration capabilities, roller shades also safeguard your privacy with aplomb. These shades are available in both light-filtering and blackout variants so that no matter what your requirements are, these shades are well-equipped to handle them.
RV Roller Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are another great option you can look at. These are quite inexpensive and durable when compared to real wood blinds. Moreover, it is not advisable to opt for real wood blinds for your RV since they are susceptible to moisture. Wood is an organic matter and can decay when exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. When you embark on an outdoor adventure trip in your RV, you are very much likely to expose your RV to all kinds of weather patterns including rain. Faux wood blinds can come in handy in such situations as these are not affected by exposure to water.

Moreover, faux wood blinds provide excellent heat insulation, light control, and privacy protection due to the material used. Faux wood blinds provide complete opacity when pulled down and that really helps the privacy. If you want to allow the light to enter, you can simply adjust the blind slats to do so. These blinds also insulate the interiors well against the outside heat and help keep it comfortable inside the RV. For easier operability, it is advisable to opt for cordless variants.

Outdoor trips are meant to be fun and adventurous and should stay that way. All the window treatment options discussed above can prove to be extremely useful in keeping your RV a comfortable and delightful place to stay in and commute while you go about indulging yourself in some enjoyable and soulful outdoor fun.

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