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Impact of Window Treatments on Overall Health and Sleep

Best Sleeping Window Treatments

Light Affects Your Nap Time – Get Relief with the Best Sleeping Window Treatments

Sleep is as important as eating, drinking, and even breathing. Proper sleep plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. Sleep makes us feel better and increases our productivity whether you are in home or office. We feel more active, more energetic, and delighted in both our personal and professional life. Nowadays there are so many things such as excess light or outside noise that can interfere during your sleep and nap time so that you cannot sleep properly. And because of that, you face many health problems. ZebraBlinds offers you the best sleeping window treatments that will help you to get the perfect good night sleep.


Best Sleeping Window Treatments to Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious

Are you suffering from the excess light control, outside noise, or high-temperature issues? Those could be the reasons you are missing out on peaceful sleeping time. Well, choose our best sleeping window treatments that can create the ideal atmosphere for a peaceful night of sleep.


  • Sleeping in a Cold Room Can Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Do you know that if we sleep in a cold room it will improve our sleeping quality? Not only does it help improve the quality of our sleep, but it can also prevent disease, reduce stress levels and enhance our mood. But we don’t often think about the temperature of our bedroom unless it is the hot summer month. We try so many things to get relaxed and comfortable. But have you ever think about the window coverings that can do a lot for your room? Proper window treatments can keep your room cooler during the summer season while reducing your energy costs.

Go for energy efficient honeycomb Cellular Shades that will trap the hot air (coming from outside) in their cell pockets. In this way, the room will stay cool in this summery weather also. So you don’t have to invest more in AC or cooler and can save money by reducing electric bills.

They are available in light filtering cellular shades (gently diffuse the light) and blackout cellular shades (provide you maximum privacy while blocking out all light, giving your room darkness which is perfect to get a perfect good night’s sleep). Get these shades in TDBU and the motorized mechanism for better convenience and effortless control.

Blackout Cellular Shades for Bedroom


  • Total Darkness That Influences Your Sleep

Darkness is an essential part of your sleep. A little bit of light can change the sleeping clock of your body. If you sleep properly then that will affect both the quantity and quality of your sleep. Creating a healthy sleep environment can be a difficult job for many homeowners. But with some best sleeping window treatments, you can create a bedroom that stands against the unwanted light while sleeping.

Opt for some best blackout window treatments that will keep out harsh sunlight so that you can sleep without any disturbance till the time you are ready to wake up. Below are the best blackout window treatments that will fit your requirements.


  • Blackout Roller Shades with Side and Sill Channels

These window shades look elegant and attractive on your windows. When you want to block out all the light while getting privacy, these shades are a perfect choice. Not only they do block out light, they protect your home from harmful rays as well. This cost-effective option will reduce the irritating noise coming from outside that can hamper your sleep.

You can install these shades in both inside and outside of the window frame. But our recommendation is to go for outside mounting as they will block out more daylight and removes all the light gaps. But if you want to go for inside mounting, then side channels that come with these shades will conceal the light gaps while providing complete darkness.

For more convenience, install electric blackout roller shades which you can control using your smartphone, or a voice-controlled assistant, or simply by pushing a remote button.

Blackout Roller Shades for Bedroom


  • Blackout Vertical Blinds

These blinds are another great option to darken your room while offering privacy. The vanes of vertical window blinds can be tilted to a closed position to block out the light. Available in a wide assortment of fabrics, headrail types so customize your window blinds according to your home decor style.

They can be the focal point of your room when you install them on large windows or sliding glass patio doors.

Blackout Vertical Blinds for Bedroom


  • Crown Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades

If you have skylight windows in your bedroom then these coverings are the best choice to go for. The blackout fabrics coated with Mylar which not only block out the excess light but increase the insulation inside your room. Insulation features help save on your energy bills by balancing the interior temperature with the outside. They are compatible with RF remote control making them the right choice to operate those hard to reach windows.

These remote control blackout blinds are very easy to clean and maintain for. If you are on a budget, order from ZebraBlinds to get these shades at an affordable price and save your pocket.

Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades for Bedroom


  • Aluminum Mini Blinds

When these mini blinds are closed, these slats will help your space to keep out most of the light so that you can have a perfect nap throughout the day while having privacy. They are available in wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. So choose according to your choice and preferences.

Aluminum Blinds for Bedroom


  • Consider Layering Drapery with Window Blinds for More Darkness

If you want more darkness and at the same time you want to transform the look of your space, then install curtains over the window shade. It will give your room the total darkness and privacy you are looking for.


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Lack of sleep can create various health issues which include a weak immune system, weight gain, brain problems, moodiness, and more. So sleep more to make your body fit and healthy. A dark sleeping environment is one of the easiest and important ways to improve your night sleep.

Order these best sleeping window treatments to enhance the darkness of your room. Get free samples and free delivery too while shopping. If you have any questions or want assistance, give us a call on this number – 1-877-840-8405. Our customer service will help you to get the best home with best windows that you wish to have.

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