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Best Slim Sheer Shades for Your French Doors

Best Slim Sheer Shades For Your French Doors

Designing a home with the right window treatments is a common need to ensure an appealing inner space. However, merely getting the right window treatments is not enough when you do not have attractive windows that can complement your choice of shades. Many people have resorted to reconstructing their inner spaces and redesigning them to elevate their appeal and beauty. To provide for a fascinating inner space, there are two kinds of windows that not just entail a good outside view but also give the impression of a luxurious and appealing lifestyle. One of these is a large sliding door, which can be moved from one side to the other. The other is a French door or window. The latter entails a panel constructed with glass, which is divided into several equal-sized panes extending to its entire length. These are hinged doors. Sliding doors or French doors are common if you have an outside open space like a porch and these doors provide you access to this space from inside the house. While a French door can be an amazing decor element, many homeowners face a major dilemma in deciding the best window treatment for it. In this section, therefore, we identify what shades are best suited for French doors.

The Need for French Doors and Windows

Unlike other window treatments, French windows or doors are mounted on structures i.e. doors that are hinged forward and backward, creating a large space that can be entered into and exited from. They are a sensitive space that needs to be protected because they entail multiple benefits that you just cannot shy away from. A few of their takeaways are mentioned below.

1. Added Safety: Many people might be under the impression that by installing French doors, people compromise on the safety of their home. However, this is far from the truth. You can easily customize them by adding advanced locking and fully adjustable hinge systems to keep your home secure against prowlers and burglary.

2. More Natural Light: A small window space in the wall can only add limited sunlight, and the room can feel all the more claustrophobic once the sunsets. French doors, however, give the impression of more open and extended space, and you can read or work in natural light while enjoying a good outside view.

3. Greater Access: French doors add another access point to your home besides the usual front and back doors. This can be fruitful in large gatherings and family get-togethers when your guests wish to visit the pool or the garden without taking the longer route. This can also be beneficial when you want to bring home some heavy furniture to place in the bedroom or living room.

4. Greater Value: French doors are an architectural marvel and instantly elevate the appearance of any home or room. Their addition also increases the resale value of the house, and they will instantly grab the attention of any broker or buyer if you want to put your apartment on sale.

5. Reduced Bills: Unlike other windows, French doors require less effort to be opened and closed instantly, thus ensuring less heat loss during winters and better avoidance of hot winds during summers. Besides, the large glass panes allow more natural light inside, reducing the need for electric lighting during day time, which means less reliance on electricity.
Cellular Shades for French Door

Sheer Window Treatments for French Doors

No matter how stunning and gorgeous these doors are, they must be well treated to make them functional. Natural light is cherished but unfiltered light with UV rays and glares are not welcome and they can cause damage to your health and property. Keeping your glass doors open will expose the interior of the house to the outsiders and will compromise the safety and security of your homes. Uncovered doors will cause loss of energy during summer and winter causing your electricity bills to soar. Bare doors also do little for your decor and aesthetic appeal of your homes. So it is important to get them dressed well. Today we will draw focus on some of the sheer shades that are best suited for your French doors.

1. Zebra Sheer Shades: Boasting of alternating slats, one in a room darkening or light filtering material and one in a sheer material, Zebra Sheer Shades can lend a perfect modern touch to your French doors, instantly changing the look of your room, adding a breath of fresh air and a much-needed decor element. Combining the features of light control and privacy, they are just what you need for modern window space. They will do complete justice to your beautiful statement doors.
Sheer Vertical Shades for French Door
2. Light Filtering Vinyl Window Blinds: A lot of people go for composite wood or wood shutters for their French doors, but vinyl blinds in light filtering shades can work wonders for the appearance of your French doors too. They can be great for areas experiencing milder climates, besides offering a great outdoor view. Their slats offer a fabulous and coveted design which is often emulated by homeowners in different parts of the world.

3. Roller and Solar Shades with High Openness Percentages: They can be a good addition for your French doors, especially during extreme summers when the sun may pose several problems for your health and well-being. Solar shades with high openness percentages allow a decent outdoor view during day time when you can keep a check on your garden and outdoors without being spotted. With special UV-resistant material, they also protect your interiors from fading out before time.
Roller Shades for French Door
4. Single-Cell Honeycomb Shades: With a sleek and minimal structure, honeycomb or cellular shades can be the perfect addition to your home and windows. Containing cell pockets to trap heat and light in them, they can be amazingly functional and effective to catch the fancy of designers and regular consumers alike. A major advantage that they boast of is their resistance to moisture and dirt, which is why they can be doubly effective in areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

French doors and windows are covered by homeowners because of their fabulous design and structure. They not only allow better access to your home but also increase the resale value of your home. There are several slim sheer window treatments you can add to enhance their beauty, of which horizontal vinyl shades, roller shades and honeycomb blinds are the best.

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