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Best Trending Shades In Canada For 2020

Best Trending Shades In Canada For 2020

The world of window treatments is a tricky one. There are multiple blinds and shades in the market that we are often oblivious to when we decide to find the right ones for our windows. Blame it on our inferior knowledge of window decor, and the qualities of different window shades, their functionality, and the kind of climates and areas they are best suited to. After all, we need to protect our homes from extreme climatic conditions and make them safe, secure and durable for years to come. Window treatments, as we shall discover, are an important part of home decor that needs to be set just right. In this section, we shall find out which of the window treatments are in vogue for 2020 in Canada. We shall list down the popular window treatments that have found relevance for modern homes with modern decor elements, besides boasting of properties that make them functional in both blistering colds, muggy summers, and intense rains.

Trending Window Covering Ideas

Window shades, like any other product that you use, follow fashion and trends. Keeping that in mind, brands such as Graber, Hunter Douglas, and Crown have come up with shades for the ages. Besides light filtering and room darkening properties, these also boast of motorized options for the modern-day homeowner.

The Fabulous Patterns Of Roman Blinds

One of the most intricate patterns of blinds can be found in Roman shades: blinds that have gained prominence right from the Middle Ages, when European architecture was coveted across the world. Roman blinds are available in a wide variety of light filtering and room darkening fabrics to suit the preferences of one and all. With their beautiful designs and intricate patterns, Roman blinds can beautify even the dullest of interior spaces. Crown and Graber, two well-known names in the world of window decor, has a collection of fabulous custom Roman shades that will be best suited for your Canadian homes.

Crown Roman Shades boasts of a wide variety of customized fabrics and color options, all available at affordable prices to make your choice of window decor. Ashton Beige, Ashton Chocolate, Camellia Fire, Carlo Black, Chevron Space, Everest Moon, Fleurette Chutney, Flynn Storm, Madison Cashmere, and Twilight IceBlue are just some among the many color options that you can have for your Roman blinds.

Fresco Graber Roman Shades, meanwhile, merges traditional style with a touch of modern interior vogue with soft fabric folds to present classical and elegant shades. Regal Platinum, Grasses Chestnut, Cristale Pristine and Mdrid Sienna are some of the most popular color choices to go for

A few of the top takeaways of Roman blinds are as follows:

1. Being energy efficient, they substantially bring down your bills all year with their light diffusing and insulation properties.
2. They boast of a fabulous pleated look that can be tailored according to your aesthetic taste.
3. They have a simple installation procedure that you can carry out yourself.
4. These can be easily cleaned through dusting, vacuuming, soil removal or spot cleaning: methods that do not entail any major costs.
5. Options of motorized, cordless and Bottom Up/Top Down Lift for maintaining privacy while enjoying natural sunlight.
Printed Roman Blinds

The Sleekness of Cellular Shades

The sleek looks and amazing functionality of cellular shades make them ideal window covering options for all windows, big or small, wide and narrow. They bring an understated elegance to your personal living space as well as for your workplace windows, providing you the necessary privacy that you desire when working in a closed and peaceful work environment is what you need. When you get honeycomb shades in various patterns, designs and fabrics, your reliance on methods to control the heating or cooling within your home will be greatly reduced.

Cellular shades come in both light filtering and blackout shades. The light filtering shades are the single-cell ones, where just one sheet of fabric will suffice in keeping your room glowing with natural sunlight and creating fabulous patterns in your home that will go along well with the other design elements. For insulation purposes, two or three layers of fabric is what you need, to ensure you have sufficient privacy against intruders and extreme climatic conditions. These shades also come with the top down bottom up mechanism, which allows you to adjust them at the perfect level any time of the day. This mechanism has become increasingly popular for the convenience it provides for your personal spaces such as the bedroom or the study.
Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Custom Wood Shutters for A Stylish Vibe

A unique representation of style and comfort, custom wood shutters by Graber might just be the top pick for your Canadian home in 2020. Being sturdy window treatments, plantation shutters can be built from natural wood as well as other materials including polymer, composite wood and PVC, and each of these materials has their own unique properties for your benefit.

Graber custom wood shutters are lightweight and can be installed very easily, and they are convenient for just about any place in your home. These are built from premium North American wood, keeping the impact on the environment in mind. These are built from non-toxic, pollutant-free materials to keep your home secure and free from allergies that may arise after using harmful chemicals in the construction of window treatments. These shades are the epitome of innovation, and the premium quality ensures that they last you for several years to come. These can be customized according to cord controls and different window sizes, helping you choose the best one possible within your budget.

Sliding Panel Track Shades For Optimum View and Luxury

There are few window shades that will look as good as these on a wide patio door or window, which has become a rather trendy choice in the world of home decor. Sliding panel track shades will move alongside the direction of the sliding door, adding a sleek and modern alternative to other blinds. Besides offering privacy, they allow varying degrees of light control with their many textures and fabrics.
Sliding Panel Natural Shades
Accents Graber Sliding Panel Shades are an innovative long window solution that can be set up for windows overlooking a terrace, balcony or the front lawn. They are perfect to throw your weight around with when you have a large gathering of friends and relatives. The control options entail both wand and chain control, besides creating a setup that can divide a large room into your own private area with the sliding panels. Here are a few features that will enable you to make an informed decision about buying them.

1. They create a peaceful ambiance, entailing much-needed solace to allow you to do your work without any disturbance.

2. They come in different color options, fabric styles and openness percentages, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Some of the unique fabrics are Riverhead Maduro, Herald Tsunami, Allure Fog, and Empire Boca.

3. The different fabrics can be mixed and matched with the design elements in your room for a unique appeal.

Final note: There are multiple window treatments currently in vogue for a country as big and varied as Canada. These include Fresco Graber Roman Shades, cellular shades with Top Down Bottom Up mechanism, custom Graber wood shutters, and sliding panel track shades. All of them have a large number of color and fabric options to suit your taste and offer you the best you deserve. You can also do your own research, and consult from manufacturers as well as acquaintances who have recently got their home furnished. Above all, whichever window treatment you choose, do not compromise on its quality.

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