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Easiest ways to Clean Horizontal Window Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Clean Horizontal Window Blinds

Best and Quickest Way to Clean Horizontal Window Blinds in Your Home


In our busy lives, most people will clean their windows regularly but they will always forget to clean their window coverings. All type of window treatments you have in your home needs regular cleaning and dusting so that they last longer. Whether you have window shades, blinds, shutters, or curtains; cleaning windows coverings is an important part of window fashion because it is only through these windows and window coverings that we can connect with the outside world in the comfort of our homes.

If you have recently invested in your horizontal window blinds and you want to keep them look fresh and new for a lifetime, then you should clean them on a regular basis. Don’t know how to clean horizontal window blinds in an easy way? That is why we are here to guide you!


Easy Tips to Clean Horizontal Window Blinds

As time flies, window coverings can start to hold dust and dirt. Window treatments are a one-time investment, so it’s your duty to give them a perfect, clean, and cluttered look. And the below cleaning tips can help you to keep your blinds clean and dirt free.


  • Clean horizontal window blinds on a regular basis for a beautiful window and better outside view.

  • Before you select any cleaning tools think twice or thrice about if they can cause damage to your window covering. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any help.

  • Don’t clean your horizontal window blinds in the wrong way. Try to avoid any chemical solution as they can destroy your horizontal blinds. Always use gentle cleaners and only apply as much as your window treatments require because too much liquid is not good and even a small amount of liquid may damage the flawless look for your blinds.

  • If you are cleaning your blinds with water, cleaners, or a damp cloth, don’t forget to dry them else they can leave water spots.

  • The best cleaning method is dusting, but if you have little bit of stains on the windows blinds, use lukewarm water and mild detergent or soap.

  • Don’t use the wrong cloth for cleaning, like fibrous cloths, because they will leave fibers and spots everywhere. Always choose microfiber cloth for cleaning and dusting.


Best Ways to Clean Blinds and Shades



How to Clean Horizontal Window Blinds – Know the Easiest Way

Horizontal Window Blinds hold dust, dirt, and stains from spills and splatters but dusting and washing on a daily basis can prevent all these things.

If you have kids and pets in your home, then your horizontal blinds will require more cleaning than a standard window treatment cleaning and dusting. You might think that removing blinds from their position and cleaning after then will be easy for you. But do you know that you can clean your horizontal window blinds without taking them down? Make sure that you have all the proper cleaning tools with you so that you don’t get distracted while cleaning.


Window Treatment Cleaning Tools


To get started, all you need is a soft damp cloth, sponge, or duster. For hand cleaning, first close the slats of the blinds completely. Take the duster or dry cloth and apply gently to remove the dust from the blinds. Now mix water with mild soap and use that using a towel to remove that sticky dirt. Avoid using chemical cleaners which can be the reason for finishing of slats. After that wipe them with a damp cloth and let the slats dry for some time else they will leave watermarks. Continue this same process for each and every slat.

Even you can attach a brush to your vacuum cleaner for dusting. In that case, first, open the slats of your window horizontal blinds for deep cleaning. Then go for brush attachment on your vacuum which works well in the tricky and hard parts of the window slats. Now turn on the vacuum and gently clean them. Repeat the same thing for both sides of the horizontal blinds.


Cleaning Window Treatments


Note – 

If you notice that your window blinds are too dirty and you are not able to clean them properly, just remove the blinds down from the windows, and then use a vacuum brush to remove the dust before you wash them. Later, wipe them with soapy water and leave the blinds to dry.


Should You Hire A Professional to Clean the Horizontal Window Blinds?

Well, you can do it by yourself by simply following some basic rules and can save money. But in our busy scheduled life, everyone wants to save their energy and time and most important cleaning can be challenging task for many homeowners. If that sounds like you, you should hire an expert to complete this task easily, smoothly, and effortlessly.


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Are You New to the World of Window Fashion? Contact Us for Any Help!!

When it comes to keeping window blinds clean, taking precautions is the best way, so always consider this cleaning as a part of your home cleaning routine. Cleaning with proper help of the window expert’s will keep your horizontal blinds attractive for a lifetime.

As horizontal window blinds are the most popular choice in the market of window fashion, and you can use them anywhere in your room like – horizontal blinds for patio doors, sliding glass doors, living room or bedroom. Get them at an affordable price now with free shipping straight to your doorstep.


Looking for more help? Contact our customer care executives; they will help you to keep your windows as beautiful as you want. If you have more questions related to any window treatment or about cleaning procedures, you can leave your question in the below section too. They will reach you very soon with the best solution for your problems!

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