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The Best Color Combinations For Decorating Your Home

Window Treatment Color Ideas

Best Window Treatment Color Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

Window treatments are major investment for each and every home as they play an essential role in letting natural light to enter your space while having privacy and fresh air. Without window coverings, your windows will look undecorated and unfurnished. Whatever window treatment color ideas you choose for your shades, blinds, curtains, or shutters, they will always enhance the overall appearance of your home and your personal style as well.

Everyone loves to enjoy the outside view while sitting near the windows, so decoration should be always stylish, beautiful, and eye-catching. Even when you first enter a room, the first thing you will notice is the color of the room and windows too. So color is one of the most important factors to think about.

Always choose those window treatments that will complement the décor and design of your space. Finding the right colored window blinds and shades can be a challenging and difficult task for many homeowners. But with our proper window treatment color ideas, you can find out the best one.


Window Treatment Color Ideas – Design the Indoor with Your Favourite Hues

ZebraBlinds offers you a lot of textures, patterns, and color options for your window treatments so that you can decorate your dream home as you wish. Whatever benefits your window coverings offer; colors play a major role in that.

So before you purchase any window treatment, understand the basic color ideas for your window treatments and ask yourself some questions so that you can get the right one easily and smoothly. For example, do you want to make your home cool or warm? Or do you want your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable? Do you want privacy or a greater outside view? Or do you want to match your window colors with the existing decor style? With these questions, you can decide what color palette you want to work with. Just play and experiment with various color options as that is the best way to see how your new colors will mix and match with your windows and interior decor.


Popular Bright Colored Window Shades

If you want to feel active and energetic throughout the day, then consider installing some light-colored window shades such as red or orange. Even if you have small spaces, they will help your room to look larger.

So go for some bright colored shades such as solar shades, roller shades, or roman shades to brighten up your interior while enjoying the benefits offered by your window treatments.

Bright Colored Roller Shades


Beautify Your Space – Tips on Choosing the Right Curtains

Curtains are the beautiful choice when it comes to decorating your windows. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles. For example –

If you want to make your kitchen or living room as the focal point of your home, then choose red colored curtains. This color gives your room a classic and trendy look.

Now everyone wants to stay comfortable and relaxed after a long hectic day. In that case, you can choose orange or yellow colored curtains for your bedroom or living room. They provide a fresh and cool look to your space.

If you have a home office then it quite obvious that you want to work comfortably without any tension or stress. Therefore, blue colored curtains can be the ideal choice. Even they work well in the bedroom as well.

Bright Colored Curtains


Invite Outside Natural Beauty to Your Home

If you want to bring nature to your room, then choose our natural shades or wood blinds. They are also available in different color choices and when you install them that means you are making a safer choice for your family as they are made of some non-toxic elements. These types of shades and blinds protect your room from harmful UV rays and glare while offering privacy. The various colors of these decorative blinds and shades bring a unique design and warmth to your room.

Wood Colored Blinds


Choose the Right Color to Control the Temperature

If you want to keep your space cool during the summer season then go for blue and green colored window coverings. They not only do help your room to stay cool but they create a peaceful environment throughout your entire home décor. They are perfect for bedroom and kid’s playroom where you want natural light and smooth glowing look as well.

Now, during the winter month when you want to keep your space warm, consider having red, orange, and yellow colored window treatments. They bring life into space and work well in any room.

Colored Blinds and Shades


Go For Some Neutral Window Treatment  Color Ideas

Neutral color consists of white, beige, cream, etc. You might think they can create a boring environment in your room but that is not true at all. They add a textured feeling to any room and also help to complement the other colors of your space.

Neutral Colored Window Treatments


Choose A Color Which Will Meet Your Needs

Are you planning to install window blinds in your home? But before that you should know that the main disadvantage of having a window blind is they come in a single color and that they largely determine the look and feel of your room. So make sure you choose a blind or shade that fits the functions of your room and that complements the space.

Nowadays, matte silver window blinds are one of the popular window treatments in the market as their modern look adds beauty to your living room or bathroom.

Again if you want the look of real wood blinds but want more functionality, then you can opt for faux wood blinds that are available in a wide assortment of color and fabric choices. They are very durable, moisture and steam resistant. These blinds stand against any extreme weather without breaking or damaging.

White Faux Wood Blinds


Window Treatment Trends 2018 – Take an Expert’s Advice for an Amazing Makeover

Now the choice is yours as you have spent a lot of time in deciding the best color for your window treatments. This year make a style statement for your home by following our best window treatment color ideas. So what are you waiting for? Order our free samples so that you can understand which color will suit the best for your interior. After that, order your product to get them at an affordable price and enjoy our free shipping benefit too.

Need help to decorate your windows? Contact us! Give your room windows a polished and stunning look with the help of our design experts. Otherwise, you can leave your question in the below section. We will reach you very soon to give the best solution to your problem.

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