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Top Window Treatments for Large Windows in Family Room

Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

Window Treatments for Large Windows in Family Room You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Family rooms are bigger than your ordinary room. They are where we spend most of our time, where family and guests mingle, watch TV, and relax. They are often also the room that your guests see first when they walk into your home. So why not make it the best room in your home? Think about it: when your guests enter to a well-designed and beautiful living room, they will feel welcomed to your home.

Depending upon your light control and privacy needs, there is an assortment of family room window treatments that can give the functionality you require and the look you need. In any case, before picking up any window treatment you need to keep some points in mind. Pick window treatments that reduce heat gain and obstruct harmful UV rays. Help your room’s light control and cut down on glare and try to select the cordless choice for your child and pet’s safety.

Large windows can keep a room a bright and showcase a gorgeous view. If you have a large window or many smaller ones, window treatments are a great way to create a consistent look and theme to your rooms. Corded loops and chains are often used to operate shades, but for large windows, you’ll love a remote control feature. With motorized shades, you can easily operate the shade from anywhere in your room with the touch of a button.

Affordable Blinds for Large Living Room Windows – You don’t need to break the bank to get a proper window treatment. There are a variety of cheap vertical blinds, drapery, and shades to treat your window on a budget.

Best Blinds for Large Windows

    • Roller Shades
      If you are looking for a classic style with modern functionality in your family room, then roller shades are the best option. They are available in an assortment of color choices. Light filtering and blackout features help you to maintain privacy and light control. The light filtering style diffuses light as it enters your home, giving you privacy from the outside but allowing the natural light to come in.

      Roller shades for Large Windows in Family Room

      The cordless option ensures that they are safe for your children as the shades don’t have any dangling cords. Through the roller shades, you would not be able to see outside, but the shadows can be seen through these shades.roller blinds for living rooms

      Crown Roller Shades Light Filtering or LightWeaves Graber Roller Shades can be the perfect window covering for the large windows in your living room as both the products provide light control for your room along with the sustainable level of privacy. Both the products are designed to keep out harmful UV rays and excess sunlight, which can keep your room cooler on a sunny day.

    • Natural Shades with Sliding Panels
      Natural shades sliding panels can be the great touch to your large windows which provide a natural look also. These shades are very eco-friendly and do not have any harmful substances, therefore, they are very safe for the homes with children and pet.Natural shades for large windowsYou have the option of choosing between sheer, light filtering, and room darkening shades as per your choice. As the options have minimal privacy, moderate, and maximum privacy. The shades softly provide the light control and give an exotic ambiance to your family room.


  • Vertical BlindsBest Window Treatments for Large Windows in Family RoomVertical Blinds are another great option for your family room. Choose from any light filtering, blackout, or room darkening fabric that will secure your furniture from fading by providing privacy along with light control. More light control can also reduce energy costs.
  • Solar shades with Sliding PanelsSolar shades used with Sliding Panels Family RoomSolar shades with sliding panels are the popular choice for your large windows. The shades give you a wide range of options for extending a decorative touch. These shades are available in light-filtering fabrics, which are ideal for family rooms that need privacy.
  • Wood Blinds With Wood Shutterwood blinds for large living room windowsIf you want to experience the natural beauty with a perfect ambience, then nothing can be better than the wood shutters. These shutters provide desired level of light control and privacy. Wood Shutter has different sizes of slats and the slats are responsible for diffusing the natural light into your room without hampering the privacy. The wood slats also act as heat insulators also. They are ideal for the family room with large windows since they add the traditional look with natural beauty.
  • Cellular ShadesCellular Shades are one of the most well-known and versatile window covering for the family room. Cellular shades, or the honeycomb shades, are made so that they can hold in air pockets between the material. These air pockets allow the shade to provide increased insulation, and therefore energy efficiency for your home. They come in a wide range of textures and are one of the best choices for wider windows. Choose between sheer, light filtering, and blackout shades to give your room different levels of light control and privacy. The top down bottom up (TDBU) choice enables you to bring down your shade from the top and raise them from the bottom, allowing for more flexible options in how you operate your shade. These features make them a perfect choice for your family room. Crown TDBU Cordless LF Cellular Shades and Cellular Shades LF SS, these two products are ideal for your living room as both the shades provide light without compromising with the privacy. And the insulation feature for these products ensure to save on your energy bills by blocking hot air goes out from your rooms; whereas it prevents summer heat to come inside the rooms.
  • Layered and Zebra Shades

Layered shades for Large Windows in Family Room

When you need light and little bit of privacy then Graber Layered and Zebra Shades are the perfect choice for your living room. Light filtering shades diffuse the light gently while providing moderate privacy but room darkening shades allow some light to filter through but provide complete privacy when fully closed.Zebra Sheer Shades used on Large WindowsThe shades also block out the harmful UV ray that can damage your furniture, even your health also. So using these shade means you are protecting you and your family also. This simple designed shades can give your room an elegant and sophisticated look.

  • Roman Shades for Living Rooms
    Roman shades are the classic choice for your room as they look great with any style of decor and they can be matched with draperies. Roman shades have a unique style, pattern, and texture. Privacy can be improved by including a light filtering or room darkening liner.Best Window Treatments for Large Windows in Family RoomMost roman shades are available in cordless, which will keep your child and pet safe, while maintaining the modern look. Most products will have cordless built in, eliminating those annoying, tangled cords, while also making it easy to control privacy and natural light.Graber Artisan Elegance Roman Shades are designed with sewn-in liners, mitered corners and double-turned hems which makes them best choice for family rooms & drawing rooms.This style not only provide you a good look, they also provide privacy along with the perfect light control. Roman shades strike a balance by being traditional without looking outdated.

Windows are both functional and decorative; they can control the amount of light coming into the house and make up a major part of the design of the space. A large window defines a room, and having one in a room as important as your family room means that it needs extra care. There are a lot of options to give your window the perfect look. Don’t just hang any window treatment to cover your windows. Consult with ZebraBlinds experts and choose the best window covering with an eye-catching design to create a beautiful and modern look.

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