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Better Light Control and Privacy with Relaxed Linen Roman Shades

Better Light Control and Privacy with Relaxed Linen Roman Shades

Better Light Control and Privacy with Relaxed Linen Roman Shades

There is a world of options and choices in the field of window treatments presently. We can choose from shades, blinds, curtains, draperies, valances and cornices, decorative tape blinds, and so much more. Apart from this, there are so many color options, fabric options, design options, patterns, etc. However, a century back or so, there were just a handful of choices when it came to covering the windows. Roman shades are from those times and are still a very popular choice for its royal look and old world charm. There is no room in the house that cannot be made better looking with some relaxed linen roman shades.

Here is everything you need to know about relaxed roman shades to help you make a well-informed decision.

Relaxed Linen Roman Shades

Adding Elegance with Roman Shades

Fabric-based window shades add a sense of elegance to the interiors and soften the décor a lot. Natural materials of the fabric also help in keeping the interiors feeling natural and authentic. There is a wide range of fabric window treatments, but relaxed roman shades are the most popular ones among them. These shades have been used to control light, ensure privacy and add elegance to our homes for centuries. They are fabric based, lightweight, fluffy window coverings that drip with class and elegance when they are pulled up or closed down.

The best thing about these shades is that they can blend in with the interior décor of any kind and they are suitable for all the rooms in the house, except bathrooms. Bathrooms are not recommended be fitted with linen or fabric based coverings as they aren’t water resistant. However, every other room can be adorned with these beautiful linen shades. The roman shades also come in a range of colors and patterns, which could be advantageous when you want to make a statement with your interior décor.

Relaxed Roman Shades for Bedroom

Specialty of Fabric Roman Shades

Roman shades are amazing and elegant to look at. They are multi-functional and blend in with any kind of interiors. All these advantages aside, there are a few special features of these fabric window shades which makes them even more desirable than the other window dressings.

  • Roman shades are an amazing choice for those windows that do not have enough space for drapery. Using draperies or curtains needs a lot of space on either end of the windows because that’s where the curtains gather up when they are open. If the window is in a corner or there is not enough space for the curtains to stack up, then roman shades are the best way to go.
  • Supports oddly shaped windows and hard to reach windows. Since the roman shades can be mounted on top of the windows, they can cover up the odd shape of the windows. They can also be integrated with a remote control system for hard to reach windows.
  • Makes even a small room or area look spacious and airy. Since the roman shades are made of fabric that is light and soft, they do not take up much space. Hence they can make the whole room look a lot more spacious and breezy.
  • Safety of your children and pets. They come with the cordless option also that ensures the safety of the children and pets in your home is ensured. They can be operated with remote control. Alternatively, they can also be fitted with automation so that they can work over voice commands too.

Motorized Roman Shades

Types of Fabric Roman Shades

Based on the way the fold and the way they fall down, there are 6 types of roman shades.

  1. Plain Fold– the fabric falls flat when closed and when opens, it forms soft folds towards the inner side of the shade. When they are opened, the folds vanish under the fabric and looks like a single fold on the top of the window.
  2. Swag– this looks like the fabric is pinched at two ends and when they are open, they are bundled up at the corners, forming a soft u-shape in the middle.
  3. Soft fold– there are soft folds all over the fabric in this type of roman shades, even when they are pulled down. It creates a soft ripple effect which looks elegant and classy.
  4. Relaxed style– this is the most common type of roman shades. They fall flat when they are closed and when open, they are neatly tucked into the top of the window at either end forming a soft u-shape in the middle.
  5. Tie- similar to the swag style of roman shades, these shades have ties at either end of the fabric.
  6. Flat fold- plain and flat when closed, this type of roman shades open up with neat fold created on the top side of the fabric. The pulley mechanism is hidden behind the fabric of the shade.

Better Light Control and Privacy with Relaxed Linen Roman Shades

Roman shades provide a good level of light control and privacy. Of course, it depends on the type of fabric chosen for the shade. If you choose a sheer or light kind of fabric, then you can always line it up with another window coverings according to your requirements. There are window liners for blackout, privacy liners to promote better privacy, thermal liners to provide insulation and conserve energy, etc. For a living room where you need a good flow of light as well as complete privacy, you can choose the privacy liners. Blackout liners are best for bedrooms and media rooms where you need a completely darkened room.


Relaxed linen roman shades are a great addition to your home interiors to add just a little bit of class and elegance. They are also multi-functional and highly adaptive. These window treatments have the ability to make even a small space look very spacious and classy. Roman shades are a nearly perfect choice for any kind of household.

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