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Beware of Those Shysters!

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Planning Summer holidays.


We’re already halfway through spring; the year seems to be zooming past, and we hapless humans better stay on board if we don’t want to get ground up in the wheels of time! Our good friends are heading out to Acapulco for the Easter break; seems like all of Canada is heading out to warmer climes as summer is approaching – Disney Land seems to be the ever popular destination. Driving down to Orlando, Florida – couldn’t be any place warmer in northern America. It’s a contradiction, isn’t?

But we’re not going anywhere. The kids are both involved in their sports training (both go to the National Training Centre for Judo, here in Montreal), and aren’t likely to want to leave. My husband is caught up in his work as this season promises volumes in his trade. And in this uncertain economic climate, who can afford to ignore opportunities? Anyway, my purpose in writing this piece is to inform gullible or overly trusting people out there that if you’re not on the ball, you can be easily taken for a sucker. And I’ll never live this down as the only female member in an otherwise male domain that is our home!

Seeing as the boys are growing so fast, we wanted to make the home an exciting place to be in, so we recently had our basement, one side of which opens into our backyard that has a pool, remodelled into a rec room. So, instead of the tiny windows (that were more ventilators really) we had edging the top of the wall facing the yard, we decided to have French doors installed, so they could be left open for traffic to and from the pool area right into the rec room rather than down the steps on the sloping lawn from the family room. Smart mom, huh?! We got a pool table installed in the center, comfy single sofas that they could be moved around if they wished, a wicker basket swing seat in front of the gaming console (yeah, I got rid of the gaming equipment from the family room, so I can watch TV in peace!). Now I had to think of how I wanted to cover French doors, as they are west orientated and now let in a lot of light. In the afternoons, it could be uncomfortable down there, even with the doors open, with the bright orange sun full on.



How to measure -



Measuring And Installing:

I wanted to have faux wood or composite blinds installed down there, as they boys and their friends could get boisterous, and I didn’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of replacing them every so often. Faux wood blinds are economical and easy to maintain, with unsurpassable room brightening and privacy features, but the versatile vanes and lift system could get damaged with the boys and their friends getting rough, what with their teenage androgens raging! So, I hopped into my car whenever I had a free afternoon and scoured the window covering shops I could find in Le Plateau and neighbouring areas, and came away convinced that I should use roller window shades. Seeing as neither the boys nor their father was very interested in this giant bug on my mind, I decided to order from a local shop I found to be quite friendly. I saw this product called the Light Filtering Window Roller Shades I thought served the purpose – they were dark colored, neat, and would blend in nicely with the black and blue colors I’d used in the room. They would protect the wooden floor, pool table and upholstery from fading. They would cut off the glare, so the kids could play uninterrupted by the sun’s brightness. They would also block much of the sun’s heat, so there wouldn’t be any calls to turn up the AC. Plus, there was no need to deal with vanes or slats, and the shades would retract into a sleek valance, causing no damage to anyone’s heads! The advantage to me was that the shop offered a home consult completely free of charge, which was a relief, as I felt woefully inadequate taking measurements. So they sent their representative over to take measurements, after which I was given a copy of both the measurements and the quotes. I wanted it outside mounted 4 inches above the door frame, with a 2 inch overhang on either side – three panels in all. It was working out to twice what I’d expected it to, but I thought I could use them for five years at least, and went ahead with confirming the order. And, in a couple of days, my blinds were installed, at an extra charge, of course.

I casually mentioned this to a friend who told me I would have got much better deals online, and why did I not check with people who’d done this before, etc. She said she’d replaced all her window shades over a period of 14 months, room by room, and had gotten great deals on every purchase. So I decided to check out this online store, Zebrablinds, whose praises she was singing. And hallo, I found that when I fed in the measurements, they were working out way more than what I’d paid. I decided to call Zebrablinds – I asked them why the same product was so much more expensive in their online store, especially as there was no free consult thrown in. What their representative told me caused apprehension – he told me to take the measurements and tally it against what was given in the purchase order (just a piece of paper) I’d got from my local store. Under his guidance, I did so and found to my consternation that I’d been fooled! The guy who’d come in for measurements took substantially larger readings but installed the correct size. So in effect, I paid for shades much larger than what was installed. I couldn’t believe that I’d practically let the thief in!

And to top it all, I could see that Zebrablinds is offering terrific discounts on some of their products this Easter. I feel doubly foolish. And all because I was too lazy to educate myself about measurement that I’d managed so quickly with their guidance! And there’s no way I was going to tell the hubby about this! Hmm, I would have to juggle the grocery money to make up the difference. But this is not over. I’m going to institute some kind of action against the store I bought the shades from, so they don’t continue cheating all and sundry. Soon!

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