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Room Darkening or Blackout Shades!

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Keep Daylight Out With The Right Window Coverings.

The other day I got home, tired and drained from the March-ending work load; my energy was depleted! There was some household work pending too, but somehow I pulled myself together to finish it, and bummed by it all, finally hit the couch. Dragging myself to bed a little later, I got even more bugged at the sunlight still peering in at me. The long daylight hours of the northern hemisphere has always been the enemy! The thought of relocating has crossed my mind quite sometimes, but redoing the windows would be less cumbersome, I guess! Many ideas have poured in each time I’ve talked to my friends or colleagues about this problem: some suggested taping garbage bags to windows, some asked me to hang black cloth behind the drapes, and few asked me to try the PU foam boards. Hah! I wanted something y classy for my decor, not tacky rags here and there. The misery continues as I still struggle to find a solution to keep the daylight out of my bedroom efficiently enough to allow me peaceful sleep, at least on weekends!

So as my hunt for a viable solution continued, I read something very interesting about the direction of the windows and the kind of shield it makes. The windows that are west-facing may benefit from window film to reduce intense light. These films would be helpful reducing the glare, simultaneously minimizing the harmful effects of the UV rays. But they’re not very efficient in maintaining a proper room temperature. By then I knew that window dressings were going to be my savior. So either I choose shades that may be pulled up or down as per convenience, or I would have to go in for blinds that have vanes that can be tilted easily. Round two was to choose between the Blackout or Room Darkening Window coverings.

A Blackout option is one that completely blocks the light and keeps the glare at bay. So, no more do you have to bother about the sun’s rays disturbing your sleep. If you’re ill or sleep deprived, this is the answer to your prayers.

There were two options that looked good to me:


Drapes with blackout Cellular shades -


The Norman Smart Privacy blinds. With no route holes on the slats to allow any kind of light seepage, so you can sleep like an infant.
The Blackout Cellular Shades, equipped with side tracks protect you and your home from any ambient light. Also, their cellular structure traps air, deflecting heat and sound to insulate your room.

I immediately decided to opt for the Blackout Cellular Shades to put up in my room because I badly needed to catch up on my sleep. I browsed through the Zebrablinds site, and found the product I needed. Click, Order, and Boom came the Graber blackout cellular shades to my rescue – I got great value for the money spent! All done and set within a week! I got the perfect ambiance for a peaceful sleep. No noise or light seeping in from out while I rested, neither was there any fluctuating temperature to cause me discomfort! Now I have enough time to dream too.

I teamed the cellular shades with my drapes as when I’m reading a book, I can raise the shades, leaving the drapes open for the light to come in, making the right atmosphere. But one of the drawbacks is that I keep snoozing the alarm that earlier I would put off even before it beeped. I do get late for work at times, but I won’t give up my sleep for anything in this world, NEVER.

As I mentioned I got the shades for my bedroom, what about the other rooms? Not that it doesn’t concern me. The Smart Privacy Blinds also shut out the sunlight and make lovely window dressings. You may diminish the light in a room as and when you want. They make your movie time much more enjoyable, without any intrusion by the sun. They are unique and classy, reflecting high standard of living with their presence, made of hardwood. Now, when some of my cousins come to visit, they won’t crib about the glare while we vegged out in front of the TV! And the blinds are so versatile that I can tilt the vanes upwards to keep the room bright enough that the light from the TV wouldn’t cause discomfort!

Again, there’s a lot of difference between the two choices. People like me who treasure their sleep would want to use a powerful weapon as if to battle the sun! My cousins were really impressed by my choices. They loved the new ambiance – warm and bright, giving me the ability to control the sun’s rays. The blackout shades thus aid in reducing or rather ameliorating the effects of heat and light while the Smart Privacy Blinds, as says the name, blocks view for privacy, bends light for optimum room brightening, and cuts the glare of the sun. Like I said, the battle cry! Select from the wide range of brands like Norman, Graber, or Crown to get yourself that much-needed baby sleep!

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