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How to Blackout Your Windows During the Day for Night Shift Workers

ow To Blackout Your Windows During The Day For Night Shift Workers

The Ultimate Guide on Blackout Windows for Night Shift Workers

An irregular work schedule can be hectic and arduous on your body, especially when you are a night shift worker. Lack of proper sleep can impact your physical and mental health. Day time sleep is mandatory for those who work late at night, or you will confront various issues like sleepiness, insomnia, and other health problems. If you need to sleep and wake up at the right time, managing the light in your bedroom can help. Your body naturally gets ready for sleep when your room is dark, which means in order to get a perfect sleep, you need to make your room dark. Making your bedroom completely dark sounds difficult especially during the day time which is why it is so hard to have a perfect sleep.

Windows are the main ways of letting natural daylight in that quickly brighten up your entire space. Covering them should be the first priority when you are trying to create the perfect sleeping ambiance. To create blackout windows, blinds and shades play a vital role. There are plenty of window dressings that are built to block out the outside light completely, providing other amazing benefits. As per the interior designers, blackout window treatments are the most effective ways of preventing daylight, making your room dim and soothing. They also maintain a cool and consistent indoor temperature, balancing with the outside climate condition so that you can sleep peacefully. Made of premium quality materials, blackout fabrics can be integrated with most of the window coverings.

Before you have a look at the most functional blackout window treatments, there are few things you should follow like – say ‘No’ to electronic devices which are considered to be a big emitter of light. And make sure to switch off all the artificial lights in your room because a single ray of light can disrupt your sleep time.

Now, move into the top blackout window dressings that are designed to block out sunlight so you can sleep while working the nightshift!

Ways of Making a Perfect Sleeping Atmosphere for Graveyard Shift Workers

Check out the below blinds and shades which are built to blackout your windows so that people who work at night can have a peaceful sleep.

  • Blackout Cellular Shades:

These blackout shades are excellent when it comes to insulation. Honeycomb structured cell pockets trap the excess temperature inside, providing space a comfy ambiance while saving energy bills. By preventing all the light coming through the windows and providing energy-efficiency, these shades create a remarkable choice for your interior. The shades can also help in creating a quiet atmosphere by dampening the outside noise. What else do you need for a perfect sleep?

Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades

  • Fabric Blackout Roman Shades:

If you are someone who loves to wake up with an aesthetically pleasing window appearance, these shades are the answer. Besides creating a perfectly dark room, they are popular for their stylish and fashionable look. The shades are available in an assortment of colors and design options, and picking up the right one will transform the look of your space in a dramatic way. Create a fashion statement for your area with these amazing window dressings.

  • Roller Shades:

As the name suggests these shades come with a rolling mechanism. After a long tiring hectic workday, just pull-down the shades down and sleep without any hassle. Not only can these shades obstruct the direct daylight but they also reduce glare and harmful UV rays that can affect your health. These shades also come in a range of colors, patterns, and style choices that add a great dimension to your bedroom windows.

Blackout Roller Blinds

  • Vertical Cellular Shades:

If your bedroom has large windows, you’ll be facing more daylight that can interrupt your sleep time and increase the temperature of your room. But these blackout shades are designed for larger windows and will take care of everything, from creating a dark room to offering energy-efficiency.

Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades

  • Curtains:

Another great choice of blackout window treatment solution for your homes are curtains. Curtains not only prevent the daylight from coming inside but also add a dramatic flair to your space. They are excellent when it comes to protecting the privacy and offering energy-efficiency. Personalizing the shades from multiple colors and texture options will give your bedroom an amazing transformation which you will adore for sure. The best part is you can integrate these curtains with other window solutions for an enhanced look and functionality. Pairing them with other blinds will increase the capability of blocking light, transforming your bedroom into a relaxing sleeping retreat.
Blackout Curtains
Things You Should Know:

  • All these window treatments come with a motorization feature which means no need to raise or lower them manually. You can access them from your comfort zone using a remote or smartphone. Or use you voice to close them (through smart voice speakers)
  • Light gaps can occur in the edges of the window frame that also permits light to enter. Install light blockers or side channels to prevent all the rays.
  • Go for outside mounting that will give the window complete coverage.
  • While customizing, look for dark-colored window coverings that can reflect most of the sunlight and heat.


Taking care of your sleep environment is important that will help you to welcome restful nap hours, keeping you healthy and energetic. The above-mentioned window coverings are the best ways of making blackout windows for night shift workers. Browse now to find more inspiration that will match your interior, giving you a calm and tranquil sleeping atmosphere!

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