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A Blend of Illumination and Privacy Flat Sheer Shades

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Nailing the Nautical Look without Going Overboard


In my vast experience as an interior decorator, I have run into customers who are very tough to please. They place demands for their home designs and decorations that are near impossible to achieve. Moreover, they do not want to budge even a tiny bit from their budget to add to my woes. One of the tough demands I faced earlier was when my clients would want blinds installed on their windows but complained that they did not have the soft feel of the shades. If I suggested that they should opt for shades, they would complain that these window treatments lacked the functionality of blinds.
The discussion would go on and on until finally they would choose one of the window treatments for their homes, ending my woes. Lastly, I discovered the Zebra Shades, newly introduced to the market back then. When I ran into another customer who had a tough time deciding whether he wanted blinds or shades on his windows, I showed him this unique window treatment. To my surprise, he settled down for it after asking just a few more questions. Honestly, with the progress happening in home decoration, furnishing and window treatment industry today, it is quite easy to meet demands of my customers quite easily. Zebra shades just made another task easy for me.



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What Is Special About Zebra Sheer Shades?

Zebra Shades are unique window treatments that stand out among their contemporaries like the striped animal it is named after. It is an innovative creation in window coverings that have two different fabrics in different opacity running across to create the effect of vanes. Zebra sheer shade has dual layers of alternating 3″ semi-opaque and 2″ sheer woven fabric bands. The unique blend of two layers of fabrics in Zebra shades creates a fantastic diffused illumination in your homes. The soft striped fabrics effectively create an open or close effect of the shades, giving the customer control over light and privacy. Hence, they give you the best of both – functionality of hard blinds and softness of shades.
Zebra shades are available in light filtering and blackout options meeting the specific requirement of my clients. With the installation of Zebra Sheer Shades, you don’t worry about your privacy or illumination of your room anymore. They blend privacy and lighting together, and creating a peaceful atmosphere in homes. These chic and modish window treatments are perfect for rooms with contemporary décor or windows with an excellent view.
The continuous cord loop that is included with the shade allows my customers to lower and raise the shade besides giving them the option of changing the privacy level and controlling the outside view. They are very glad to get both the function of a horizontal blind with the beauty of a soft fabric shade that falls well within their budget.



Style FactorAnd Quality

Zebra shades are made of a high-quality polyester material that ensures their durability. They make my job easy since they are easy to mount and install. The well-coordinated stripes provide a synchronized look to your entire home increasing the aesthetic appeal of your decor. The styling of these shades is such that the beauty of these shades stands out bringing in praise for me from my clients who appreciate the excellent job I did on their windows.
Though Zebra Sheer shades illuminate your rooms, you do not have to worry about privacy since they ensure that your rooms have a sustainable amount of privacy. Customers love them in their study rooms, living rooms or any other spaces in their homes where proper illumination becomes an added advantage. The dual layer of fabrics in an alternative manner to ensure overlapping of sheer with light filtering part or the blackout part of the fabrics gives a sleek and contemporary look for the indoor decor. Further, these Shades come with color coordinated cassette valance to sync with your indoor décor taking the visual appeal of the window treatment to the next level. With the installation of sheer shades, my customers can see the outside world, shadows, silhouettes, and many more through the shade without even raising them.
Since the fabrics are made from durable, sturdy, firm polyester, cleaning can and removal of stains or spots can be done by rubbing with a damp sponge or mild soap. I have to warn my customers about using chemical cleaners that may affect the shades fabrics and can cause the discoloration. I advise them to avoid using chemical cleaners while cleaning them.
When it comes to operating the shades, my customers have the choice of opting for traditional cord control, cordless, motorized, remote control and continuous cord loop control. Cordless, motorized and the remote control options are the preferable by many of my clients since they l have the less strangulation risk for kids and pets and most of my clients have either kids, pets or both.
The wide range of color selections available for Zebra shades allows me to create different visual effects by merging it other home furnishings. The most popular color choices available for these shades are Beige, Black, Chocolate, Gray, Ivory, Natural and Orange with orange rising in popularity with my clients. Covering large windows are not a big challenge for me anymore since Zebra shades are available in widths of 94”.
With the new contemporary window treatments, my popularity among my clients has risen a notch higher. I am very pleased that I can meet the requirements of my customers so easily now.



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