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Can Blinds Really Add Noise-Proofing to Your Windows?

Can Blinds Really Add Noise Proofing To Your Windows

The Problem of Noise Pollution

The city life is characterized by a fast-paced and busy routine. The calm and serene peaceful quiet of the countryside is replaced by the buzz of the streets filled with people, honking from the cars and buses and a vibrant yet chaotic milieu. Living in such a backdrop is not relished by everyone and the noise can be an issue for many.

People incorporate many measures to tackle the noise that includes soundproofing the interiors. This can be achieved in various ways or should we say as a combined effect of all these various measures. From using soundproof glass in the windows and doors to having thick walls and doors, people deploy various techniques to achieve quiet interiors.

Can Blinds Really Add Noise-Proofing to Your Windows?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Blinds and other window coverings can definitely make the windows more noise proof. Window treatments are known for providing excellent heat and light-control besides providing us the protection from UV exposure and the dust from the outside. However, what is often overlooked is that these window coverings can also help noise-proof the interiors of the house to some extent. This is another dimension to the usefulness and practicality of having window coverings such as blinds and shades in your home.

Which Window Coverings are Suitable for Noise-Proofing the Windows?

Not all window coverings are good at it but some variants certainly help keep the interiors more calm and quiet. Let us look at some of the good options you can look at:

Thick Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades that are made from a thicker fabric can insulate the interiors of the house from the outside noise. The moment you pull down the blinds, you can notice the difference immediately with the room appearing to be comparatively quieter. The thick fabric also helps the blinds provide better heat insulation and privacy. Blinds and shades with thicker fabric are blackout in nature and also block outside light effectively to resolve the issue of glare.
Smart Blackout Cellular Shades

Cellular blinds and shades

Cellular blinds and shades have a unique structure that allows for the creation of air pockets in between the layers of the fabric used in them. These air pockets help prevent heat gain during summers, heat loss during winters and also insulate the interiors from outside noise. Bare windows are not able to sound-proof the interiors of the room but when you dress them up with cellular blinds and shades, they reduce the distraction due to outside noise to a large extent. The excellent heat control further enhances the utility and desirability of these window treatments.
Electric Cellular Shades

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are made from a thicker wooden material. This helps them reduce the noise penetration inside the room these are installed in. The grainy texture of these wooden blinds adds elegance and sophistication to the décor while effectively insulating the interiors against the outside heat. You also get great light control capability with these blinds. Noise reduction is an added perk that makes them an excellent choice for your house.
Remote Contro Wood Blinds


Shutters, better known as plantation shutters can also help keep the interiors quiet due to their tight seal around a window The shutters are made from thicker material which is normally wood but can also be vinyl or other synthetic material. The thickness of the shutters helps them reduce noise penetration and thereby enhancing the noise-proofing capability of the window. These shutters are extremely durable and hence provide a better return on investment over its long lifecycle. Excellent heat insulation and light control are other benefits that make them an ideal choice for your place.
You can use the shutters both as exterior and interior window treatments due to their resilient structure and material. When using them as exteriors coverings, you will be better off if you go for vinyl or faux wood shutters as these are weatherproof and don’t get affected by prolonged exposure to water. Wooden shutter, on the other hand, due to the organic nature of the material is susceptible to damage and decay due to moisture.
Maxxmar Shutters

Sound-Proof Curtains

Soundproof curtains are another excellent option you can look at. Since these are curtains, you can easily install them and even get them replaced when you feel like giving the interiors a do-over. These curtains reduce the noise and also provide the benefits of blackout curtains due to thicker material used. Hence, you also get good heat insulation, light control along with a quieter room.
You can resort to other measures such as adding a soundproof film to the window glass, increasing the thickness of the glass, getting soundproof windows, adding sound-proofing inserts, etc. However, nothing compares with the elegance and grace with which blinds and other window coverings do it. By keeping the room quieter, cooler and by also increasing the aesthetic value of its interiors, blinds make for a worthy investment in every sense.

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