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Can You Use Both Blinds and Curtains on the Same Window?

Can You Use Both Blinds And Curtains On The Same Window

Curtains or Blinds for your Windows?

The debate on which works best for your windows, curtains or blinds is an unending one. Are blinds more functional and versatile than curtains? Do curtains add more aesthetic beauty and interest to windows than blinds? There are loyalists on both sides and blinds and curtains enjoy much popularity among homeowners. In this debate, the point that is often missed is, why not both curtains and blinds for your windows? There is no rule that you can use either a blind or a curtain. In fact, you can use both on the same window and their hit combination can weave magic in your rooms.

Why Not Both Curtains and Blinds?

Blinds are extremely functional. They help in light filtration and light blockage, in improving the insulation of your windows, blocking out UV rays and glares of the sun and in protecting the privacy and security of your homes. Curtains are timeless classic beauties that have continued to charm their way into the heart of homeowners with their endless possibilities. With curtains, you can choose from an expansive range of fabrics, colors, prints, designs and textures. The yards of silk or linen hanging from the top of the ceiling till the ground infuses a luxurious appeal to the windows and to the living space. They can blend with any decor and they help to soften the hard edges around the room. This is not to say that curtains are not functional. They offer great coverage to the windows and choosing heavier fabrics with thick lining can help insulate your room and prevent heat gain and heat loss. When you bring two versatile window coverings together, the result is explosive. The richness of both helps to enhance the beauty and functionality of your windows. Combining blinds and curtains can heighten the drama in a room and is also a hot idea in home decor.
Installing Curtains Over Blinds

Tips for Layering Blinds with Curtains

Choose Blinds First
If you have decided to use a layered window treatment solution for your windows, choose the blind type first. Determine whether you want light filtering, heat retention or sun blocking blind for your room. Once you have decided with the blind you can easily decide on the type of fabric for your curtains as also the color. It is always easier to choose color of your curtains than blinds.

Inside Mount Always
Determine the mount of the blind. Blind installation is far more complicated than hanging a drape. Position the blinds in such a way that they don’t interfere with the functionality of curtains or the blinds. Always opt for inside mount as it will leave the window frame clear for the curtains. With inside mount the blinds will be placed out of the way. Outside mount blinds will fit outside the window frame on the wall which clashes with the curtains.

No Print on Print
Avoid print on print. If you have chosen a blind or a shade that is printed, avoid opting for printed curtains. Layering patterned or print blind with printed curtains can be a bit too overwhelming and make the windows appear crowded. The best way to go is pairing printed curtains with a solid colored with blind or shade. They always work well.
Installing Blackout Blinds with Curtains

How to Make More than One Pattern Work?

If you want more than one pattern work in the room, you must know what these patterns and prints represent to be able to use them judiciously.

• Stripes can be both contemporary and classic; floral give a feminine vibe while animal prints are exotic and eclectic.
• If you are using more than a pattern then vary the scales to balance the look.
• Colors of same intensity must be matched. For example, combining jewel tones with pastels will not work at all.
• Ensure that these patterns are well distributed across the room. they should not dominate only one side of the room.
• Match the prints with some solid colors as well otherwise only patterns or prints can prove to be quite chaotic.
• Anything can qualify as a pattern. For example, a wood stain on Venetian Blind is also a pattern.

Coordinating Colors
Coordinate the color schemes in the room for curtains and blinds to co-exist harmoniously without conflict.
Take note of the wall color and incorporate it into your window treatment. You can choose a print that has the wall color or you can go for the same color but use a tone darker or lighter than the wall color. This will help the wall and curtains to blend well.

You can also use neutrals to pair with solid darker colors. You can pair a neutral-colored blind with a strong colored curtain. They are always a hit.
If you are not in favour of bright colors opt for whites and creams for drapes to help create a crisp smart and elegant look that hits off with a variety of blinds styles.
Blackout Roller Blinds Layered with Curtains
Adding Cornice or Pelmet

Integrate the curtains and blinds into a cohesive whole using a pelmet or a cornice board. It helps to hide all ugly hardware and tracks. They give a streamlined and sleek look to the window.

Make all Hang from Same Height

If you are using a layered solution for all the windows in the room ensure that they all hang from the same height. If your windows are not of same height hang all of them at a level that will match the other. If not, it will give a lopsided and poor look to the room. Hanging them high will help create the illusion of a bigger room.
Outside Mount Blinds Curtains
Matching Blind, Curtains Color with Rod Color

The hardware you choose must be able to complement your window dressing. Once colors of both have been chosen, match them with the rod color. Try and avoid shiny and bright silver or gold color for your rods as they can be too overwhelming. Matte finish always works best.

What Works Well with What?

Here is a list of configurations that will work well in a layered window treatment solution:

Sheers over:
• Venetian Blinds
• Roller blinds
• Honeycomb blinds

Curtains over:
• Sheers
• Honeycomb blinds
• Roller blinds
• Venetian Blinds

Window treatments can make or break the look of a room. A layered window treatment solution of curtains and blinds can do wonders for your windows and your rooms. They offer enhanced beauty and functionality. However, you must be able to choose them well to create a balanced look for your rooms.

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