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Like Magic – Blinds That Keep Your Privacy At Night

Blinds That Keep Your Privacy At Night

Home decor is a style statement you try to make with the objects around you. When it comes to making your statement everything around you tries to contribute to this larger picture. Right from the countertop settings to the furniture layout, everything is meticulously placed so that it makes you feel comfortable. After tiresome days your home’s atmosphere can help you feel welcomed and calm. A big part of home décor that can easily get looked over is your windows. Normally when it comes to window treatments, style plays a huge role. But there is another big aspect of why window treatments are sought after – privacy. When you’re at your home and in your element, it’s very hard to focus or relax when there is no privacy in your surroundings. Since the window is a small space that allows you to enjoy the view outside, it also is a small outlet for the outside world to view in. While this may be okay for some people, it is very unnerving for others, hence the type of window treatment you choose plays a big role in the amount of privacy you would like to enjoy. While in the day it’s always fun to enjoy natural light, in the night you just want to enjoy your home alone with some privacy.

Can Blinds Provide Privacy?

Leaving your window open without any window accent makes it seem bare and makes you and your home seem exposed. While you love the outside views, there are going to be many moments where you may not necessarily want the external world to peak in. That’s when choosing the right window treatment comes into the picture.

When you pick window treatments for your place, you might be confused between blinds, drapes, shades, and shutters. They all come with their advantages, but the type of window treatments you choose depends on three primary facts: the lighting setting, the decorative elements, and the privacy settings. People tend to use heavy and dark dreary paired with sheers for privacy, but people want to invest in blinds are trying to figure out if shades, shutters and blinds can provide you with an optimum level of privacy.

Blinds, shades, and shutters display a unique construction that enables privacy. The amount of privacy you want to enjoy depends on the kind of blinds, shades or shutters you have with you. When it comes to enjoying privacy with blinds, it does not always mean compromising on the amount of natural light that enters your home space. Here are a few ways in which blinds provide privacy.

• The slats or the panels that window blinds have play a big role in providing privacy. In many blinds, these horizontal or vertical panels are adjustable. Depending on the build of the shades or shutters, the panels may be wide as well making it easy to enjoy privacy too!
• Some blinds come with the option of solar screens. These are screens that will help provide privacy but won’t try to reduce the amount of natural light that enters your space. But these screens are not suited for privacy at night!
• Another way of enjoying privacy depends on the type of fabric you have for your blinds. Some blinds come with opaque or semi-opaque fabric that filer in light so that you can enjoy that perfect balance, whereas some blinds come with fabric or material that like magic block out light and provide a high level of privacy be it day or night.

Are There Blinds That Provide Privacy During the Night?

It’s easier to enjoy privacy during the day but it is at night when privacy is most needed. During the day, the natural sunlight motivates you to compromise on privacy but in the night is when privacy counts. One great way of enjoying privacy is by enjoying blinds that blackout blinds. They’re known as blinds with blackout material. Here are suggestions to enjoy privacy with these magic blinds at night:

1) Roller Blinds:
Apart from their sleek and minimalistic design, roller blinds are known for the amount of privacy they offer. The come with material that either filters out light or completely blocks it giving you the much-needed privacy that you would enjoy. Customize them according to your window size and enjoy the privacy they give.
Blackout Roller Shades
2) Cellular Blinds:
These blinds feature a special construction that only optimizes the amount of privacy you can enjoy but also helps in keeping your place warm. These are especially perfect when you are looking for ways to add classic style while also giving spaces in your home that much warranted privacy.
Energy Efficient Cellular Shades
3) Shutters:
Another form of window treatment that is all set to give you that cozy level of privacy during the night are shutters. They can give you privacy during the day while keeping your space cool. This is because shutters come with wide adjustable panels that allow you to optimize the amount of light that enters your space as well as enjoying privacy.

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