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Blinds That Work Best For A Home Gym


Healthy Body for a Healthy Life

A healthy and fit body is the key to a good life. If our bodies lack the strength and immunity to fight diseases, we can fall sick often and our quality of life can be negatively affected. Our work, studies, and home life will suffer and a greater part of our lives will be spent visiting hospitals and on medications. To strengthen the body from within, a good diet, ample sleep, regular exercise, and an overall healthy routine is key.

Finding Time for a Workout is a Challenge

While there is little doubt about the importance of exercise, trying to make time for it could be a major challenge. With work commitments and family responsibilities, it is nearly impossible to find time to hit the gym. There is no dearth of fitness centers or gyms today. All we need to do is make that little effort to be there. However, like the growing number of gyms, the number of excuses we have are also not getting smaller. And with the pandemic hitting us, we have found the perfect excuse to not step out of our homes.

The virus, as we have realized, has and continues to target bodies with weak defense mechanisms. The need to work on our health is more in demand now than ever before. If you cannot step out for safety reasons, there is no reason why the gym cannot come to you. Yes, we are talking about home gyms – which, for very long time, have been a feature only of athletes’ and celebrity homes. But over the years, home gyms have become quite popular among regular people as well.

Popularity of Home Gyms & Pandemic Times

With the pandemic raging outside, the need for a home gym is felt more deeply than ever before. It involves converting a small room into a space to exercise and store home gym equipment. The room needs the perfect ambiance for your daily workout regime, including a good music system and a well-ventilated room with sufficient light sans the harsh glares. Privacy is also a major factor that must be ensured while you are working out.

Window Treatments for Home Gyms

While it is important that your home gym has windows to allow ventilation, these windows need good window treatments to address a host of concerns. Let us take a look at some of the window shades and blinds that you could use.

Moisture-resistant Blinds: Faux Wood, Aluminium Mini Blinds & PVC Blinds

Given that sweating can cause a lot of moisture in the air, looking into moisture-resistant window treatments would be a good call. If the room has limited space, the amount of moisture can affect the long-term condition of window coverings, especially those that are made of fabric and wood. Being exposed to humid conditions for a prolonged period of time can cause fabric or wood to fade, warp, and peel off. In such instances, a moisture-resistant window treatment solution works best. The list includes faux wood, aluminium, and PVC blinds. These materials have shown high resistance to moisture, causing them to be widely used for bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of colors to blend with your room décor. They are durable, and help filter natural light inside the room by adjusting the slats.

Roller Solar Shades

Roller shades consist of a single layer of fabric that makes them a fantastic choice of window covering for rooms with minimalist décor, and for rooms that require a high level of functionality. These shades are available in a wide range of fabrics, ranging from light filtering to blackout. They are excellent for protecting your room from the harmful UV rays and the harsh glares of the sun. If the sun’s rays stream into the room unfiltered, it’ll make the interior unbearably hot, making working out uncomfortable. Solar shades help keep the heat out significantly, while retaining some natural light.

Blackout Zebra Sheer Dual Shades

This makes another great choice of covering for your home gym windows. This specific dual shade has a zebra sheer shade in front and a blackout roller shade in the back. During the morning hours, you can use the sheer shade to allow sufficient diffused light into your gym space, as natural light is a great source of energy and motivation. On the other hand, you can use the blackout rollers for increased privacy if you are working out at night and lights come on inside the room.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are among the most versatile window treatments in the market. They offer the best insulation to your windows. A cold drafty room is not the ideal place for working out, neither is a hot and humid space. Cellular shades help keep the inside temperature in, and outside temperature out. You can choose from light filtering cellular shades or blackout cellular shades depending on your need in controlling the light inside the room.

Day Night Blinds

Day Night blinds help to create two types of ambiances inside the room at different times of the day. They are basically two cellular shades stacked on top of one another, with one being a blackout fabric and the other usually a light filtering fabric. This allows you to adjust the either the light filtering or blackout fabric to cover the entire window if needed, or you can cover half with light filtering, and the other half with blackout. Similar to a dual shade, this gives you increased flexibility in light control as you can use the light filtering fabric to provide privacy and natural light during the day, or use the blackout fabric when you need added protection from the glare and heat. Their thick material also helps to dampen noise, which is great if your home gym is facing a crowded street.

Pick any one of these and customize them for your home gym. Use them to maintain the temperature inside the room and create a well-lit and pleasant ambiance where your privacy is protected at all times. With these shades and blinds, you can work out any time of the day.

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