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Blinds vs. Curtains – Which Provides Better Energy Efficiency?

Blinds vs. Curtains - Which Provides Better Energy Efficiency?


Curtains and drapes have been adorning and beautifying homes since time eternal. They have continued to weave magic in homes across the world and are a popular choice of window treatment for most homeowners. Despite stiff competition from blinds and shades, curtains have held their ground and lost their sheen, luster or popularity.


Curtains are easy to hang. The yards and yards of fabric help to soften the sharp edges around a room. You can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, textures and materials for your curtains and that is one of their biggest appeals. Irrespective of the color theme and decor style, you can always get the fabric of your choice to dress up your windows. There are solid and thick velvet and suede curtains for a formal and traditionally done-up room. There are gorgeous and elegant silk curtains for your modern and formal living rooms. There are linen and cotton curtains for a summery soft feel in your bedrooms and net and lace sheer curtains for exquisitely decorated minimalist rooms for elegant living. There is a curtain for every reason and season.

Functional Benefits

Curtains enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. but their goodness and richness do not end there. Curtains are extremely functional when it comes to filtering and controlling the amount of natural light entering your space. They are designed to block out light as and when required. They safeguard your privacy like no other and also contribute to your energy savings by preventing energy loss with change of seasons.
Silk Sheer Curtain Panel


Blinds have also been around for quite some time now. Made up of slats and louvers, blinds have been doing a great job at controlling the amount of light in your living space. The slats can be adjusted to control light, glare, heat, privacy and you’re outside view. while curtains need to be drawn to cut out light and heat and to maintain privacy, blinds can be adjusted which means that you get to keep your view of the outside intact while ensuring that your privacy is preserved and inside ambiance is maintained.
Roman Blinds with Lining

Curtains or Blinds?

As a homeowner, if you trying to reach a consensus about what to choose for your windows, we will help you with the much-needed data and statistics.


Whenever you purchase any product, the first thought that crosses your mind is how easy/difficult would maintenance and cleaning be. In this case, blinds take the cake. As blinds have a hard and slick surface, giving them a good rub with a microfiber cloth should suffice. Just close the slats and wipe the duster top-down from side to side and then repeat this on the other side. For more stubborn stains you can wet a soft cloth and use plain water or a mixture of white vinegar and water and give a good wipe. Your blinds are as good as new.

With curtains, you have to invest more time and effort. You have to vacuum to remove the dirt and dust. For more thorough cleaning, you have to remove the curtains, throw them in the washing machine or send for dry cleaning if the fabric demands so. Get them ironed and then hang them back.


If you are looking for longevity and durability, blinds score better over curtains. Made of hard materials like aluminum, plastic, vinyl or polymer-coated wood, blinds last much longer with proper care and safe handling. They are treated in a way that makes them resistant to scratches and discoloration. Fabric, on the other hand, is made of cotton, linen, silk, etc. which are prone to staining, tearing, molding, etc., and hence they tend to perish faster.

Light Control

Light control is an important function of window treatments. The windows allow an abundance of sunlight to pour into the rooms. While natural light and warmth is desirable, excess light and glare is not. You need to filter the light entering the space without cutting it out completely. With blinds, this is easily achievable by merely adjusting the slats. With curtains, it is difficult as you cannot change the type of fabric depending upon your lighting needs at different times of the day. You may use sheer curtains to filter light but they are not as good at preserving your privacy. Hence you will need another pair of solid curtains to do this job which is time-consuming and also not cost-effective.


If you are functioning on a tight budget and looking for an affordable window covering for your windows and have a decent number of windows to cover, blinds are a better option. You have the option to choose plastic blinds that cost less, anywhere from $50 to $200 per window. Curtains are pricier usually. They could cost anywhere between $150 to $500 per window.

Energy Efficiency

Another very important consideration when deciding between blinds and curtains is energy efficiency. Windows are poor insulators and cause massive energy loss during winter and summer. During winter, the cold draft enters the living space, making it colder. The warm air generated by heaters escapes the room through the windows. During summer the opposite happens. The warm air from outside enters the living space making it warmer causing the air conditioners to spend more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. Energy-efficient window treatment helps to seal off the windows and prevents energy loss. This not only helps to keep the interiors pleasant and cool/warm, they also help to save a precious few bucks but keeping energy costs low. Curtains and blinds both do a fair enough job, but curtains come out ahead. Curtains consist of a single layer of solid fabric while blinds consist of slats that can be opened. This creates small gaps even when closed through which heat can escape. Curtains on the other hand are better at reducing any leakage. Insulating curtains, thermal curtains or normal curtains with thick thermal or insulating liners can do a fantastic job of keeping heat trapped inside during summer and keeping the heat out during summer. The thicker the curtain the more insulating they are.

Moreover, curtains are hung high from near the ceiling and fall till the floor and extend from a fair few inches from the frame of the windows which means better coverage.

If energy efficiency is your foremost need then we would recommend curtains over blinds. if your budget permits, a layered window treatment using a combination of blinds and curtains is highly recommended. With this layered treatment, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can enjoy all the benefits of blinds coupled with the energy efficiency of curtains.

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