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Bright Colored Blinds To Add Personality To Your Rooms


Your Home is an Extension of your Personality

Home is an extension of yourself, an extension of your personality and character. The way you do up your home says a lot about who you are, your choice, tastes and preferences. Anybody visiting your home will get a sneak peak into not only your house but also your inner self. A house is but a structure made up of bricks and mortars and it becomes a home when you lend your personal touch to it. It is a reflection of your thinking, your intellectual inclinations, values and choices. And so, when you set out on a journey to build a home, treat it like you would treat yourself. A hurriedly done up home with an uneven mixing of things and colors will do no justice to you or your new home.

How to Add Personality to your Surroundings

To be able to feel one with your home and not an outsider, you need to create a healthy and soothing environment for you and your loved ones. You must let your personality shine through in your home. The environment where you stay and what you surround yourself with has a huge bearing on your mental health. To add your touch of personality to the surroundings you can do the following:

  • Play around with your furniture. Pick ones that are practical, comfortable and appeals to you.
  • Before making a purchase, go to the store and picture yourself with that piece of furniture, piece of art, or color. It will immediately give you an idea whether it fits your style or not.
  • Adding artwork and antiques also highlight your personality. Not every one has the same artistic inclinations, tastes and preferences. Artistic features and choices are extremely personal and are a reflection of yourself.
  • Make your rooms work for you. There is no rule that a second bedroom has to be treated as a bedroom. You can convert it into a library, a home gym, a media room, anything that works for you.
  • Do not overlook minor aspects of décor because they are the ones that tell the real story. That small couch near the bay window, the scented candles in bathroom, the center piece on the living room table or those throw pillows with funny quotes and characters.
  • Nothing, and we stress on this, nothing adds personality to a home more than a pop of color. Your color preferences say much about you and your choices in life. It can be a preference for earthly neutral shades or a love for bright cheerful colors. And this pop of color can be added to anything around you: wall, furniture, rugs, pillows and cushions and even window treatments.

Choosing Color for your Window Blinds

Window treatments are an integral part of any home. Bare uncovered windows do nothing much for your homes. Blinds and shades help to address privacy concerns, prevents heat gain and heat loss in the house, provide light control and offers aesthetic value to your home. The kind of blind you choose for your rooms and their color has a significant impact on your home décor and the ambiance. They also add that bit of drama that is needed to pull any room together.

There are a wide range of blinds to choose from. These are made of a variety of materials and when chosen well help to enhance the elegance and beauty of any room.

There are many people who show an affinity for soft pastels and neutral shades and they look stunning. They have a calming and soothing impact on the surroundings. Baby blue, lilac, mint, beige, grey are muted colors and work well for many people.

Choosing Bright Colors to Add Personality to your Space

There are others who are deeply, madly and passionately in love with strong, bright and neon colors. While muted colors blend with the surroundings, the bright and gorgeous colors are the show stealers. They become the focal point of a room and leave a lasting impression on all. Bright colors help create a cheerful, lively and energizing ambiance in the house. Using too many bright colors all at once is not a good idea as it could hurt the eyes and the riot of colors will be too loud for comfort. For example, a bright yellow blind against a red wall would be quite an overdose of loud contrasted colors. Royal blue, turquoise, magenta, emerald green, red, yellow are refreshing and can have a stimulating effect on the surroundings. These colors look the best on your windows when they are added as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral shaded room which has used lots of browns, beiges and whites. The bright colored blinds help to balance the color scheme in the house, adds the much-needed drama to pull off the look and breaks the monotony of a predominantly earthly colored room. They become the focal points of the room. Let see some of the bright colors that you can use for your blinds in your home.


Yellow is a warm energetic color that is closely associated with sunshine, hope and laughter. Accents of yellow will infuse a sense of optimism and cheerfulness into the surroundings. Pale yellow blinds will look beautifully soothing and create positive vibes in the room. However, too much of yellow can be overwhelming so it is recommended to use yellow sparingly.


Pink is all about playfulness, tenderness and femininity. While pink may not be the obvious color to choose for a room, they can make a great choice of covering for nurseries. A shade of pink that is soft and soothing and not overtly bright will be good for the babies and you can match the décor theme and color scheme to match the shades.


Blue is the color of calmness and spirituality. Royal blue, dark blue, azure blue are all gorgeous color shades that lends a luxurious appeal to the surroundings. Blue colored window shades and blinds are quite popular. In an all-white room, where walls and furniture is white, a pop of blue color on the windows and cushions will be a compete show stealer.


There is a touch of royalty and mysterious appeal with the shade of purple. Lighter shades like lilac are soothing and has a calming effect. Purple and lilac are also a favorite among homeowners who like to include bright colors in their living space. With the right décor and color scheme, purple blinds can add zing to the room. If you want to incorporate purple in your living space make sure that the rest of the colors in the rooms can help to balance the richness of purple. The most popular is an all-white room with purple blinds and use of purple in cushions or a bedspread, a rug or on a lamp shade. The effect is stunning.

These are some of the bright colors that find preference among homeowners. The secret is to use them against the right color settings. Otherwise, it can make or break the décor and harmony of the room.

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