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Brighten up your room and mood with sheer shades!

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The Art of Window Dressing.

Dressing your windows with style and elegance does more than just enriching your home. It gives you the liberty to be as creative as you like, when you like. For people who have ever changing styles or don’t enjoy sticking to the same look for too long, refreshing curtains and blinds can be just the thing to brighten a space and change the atmosphere. With the new season rolling in, bold prints, eco friendly fabrics, color bursts in mattes and metallic are set to be some of the hottest trends in window dressings this year.

As traditional tastes become more daring, minimalism comes tête a tête with drama, and the conventional finally entwines with the new. Incorporating the warm and neutral shades of spring or the cool calming blues of winter can bring a seasonal change into homes. Accent with beautiful bursts of color and your space will soon be blooming with fun frivolity that’ll create a vibrant, yet relaxing atmosphere. Oranges, yellows, and greens may be the smartest choices now and could complement the neutral but exceptional seasonal colors. The trend-setting palette we offer will offer endless excitement for the year, especially as spring is now here, so even if you’re not up for changing your window dressings seasonally, they’ll stay stylish.

Many of us may not have realized this, but if you have perpetually been feeling fatigued, stressed or cranky, take a keen look around your home and its natural source of light. It is scientifically proven that humans react, act and feel better when embraced with sunshine and better ambiance than a poorly lit abode. This means dark spaces can have adverse effects on your mood and energy levels as well! Alarming, isn’t it? So, what do you do about it, get some light inside, balance the light and the dark, bring on the bling, invite the whites and other lighter shades, avoid anything dark and loud ; don’t worry we’ve got it in one package of window dressings ideas for you at Zebrablinds. So all the people out there, you can be assured of a relaxed mood even after a long day at work, when confronted with a messed up living room, or with a pile of dishes gaping at you, or with heaps of laundry. Nothing’s going to make you irritable easily, because of the calm, nature friendly and cool environment within your home. You do not need to hunt for nature’s lap in order to rejuvenate, you can enjoy the same at home. And for the men, you won’t have to be on guard all the time to save yourselves from the wrath of your working wives. You no longer are thinking of it as ‘mere’ window dressings, are you?



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Drapes and Curtains Online in Canada.

Let me introduce you to the exquisite Artisan Drapes and Curtains from Graber. They are crafted with an unending eye for detail with double turned hems, mitered corners, sewn in liners, and bottom weights to ensure that your drapes hang beautifully. Choose from an exclusive collection of sophisticated fabrics, including soilds, prints, jacquards, and sheers. You can choose among varied lengths (drapery that might fall straight down, hovers near a sill, or puddles on the floor) that serve to portray a high-end look, and to make them sturdier and improve insulation for a room, our range of liners do a remarkable job.

As customers look to much more compact window treatments in terms of protection, insulation, sun blockage, privacy and budget friendly approach, these handcrafted creations bust the myth that traditional drapery is boring. Drawing from the expertise of dozens of design professionals, along with interior specialists, it is these hues that’ll definitely set the mood and the tone this spring. Calm and inspiring, grounded and gentle, the current palette is reminiscent of the misty lilac mornings.

On walls, in fabrics, from floor to ceiling, watch for myriad of shades of blue, revel in purples with brown tints, relish new greens and orange dusted reds. Haven’t these vivid descriptions painted a beautiful picture of a reinvented home ?! There are colors that soothe, colors that warm our hearts and calm our minds. This season’s spectrum focuses on varied shades and coordinating hues to lighten your mood, and lead us to serene natural settings. I can imagine a lovely cream colored table cloth, matching the shade and smell of the fresh paint on the walls; all complementing the newly arrived subtle and sober Sheer window shades in cheese yellow. My cup of caffeine, a little muffin, soft breeze blowing and book I’d been trying to read since the last summer! I almost got a glimpse of breakfast at Tiffany’s that too only with a swift glance at the catalog available online- on Zebrablinds of course! And for me these light sheers would also perform the magic of making my small home look more spacious, with the brightness and obviously clean chic too!

Zebrablinds offers a wide selection of sheers from some of the best brands. So shop today and enjoy a jovial, light and de-stressed mood this season. Hurry, before the temperature heats your mood.

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