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Bring The Nature Inside with Window Curtains in 2021

Bring The Nature Inside with Window Curtains in 2021

Modern life has become fast and artificial owing to long and awkward working hours. It has resulted in a disconnect with nature. Of late, the drive to reconnect with nature has been in vogue, and the areas of home décor and furnishings are not an exception to it. Windows are an essential structural component of any house, and they let nature inside by providing valuable entry points. In cosmopolitan centres, the need for privacy and sunlight control has made the use of window treatments extremely important. Window curtains emerge as a front runner to achieve this aim. Nature-inspired window curtains combine the ease of the indoors for the owner with the natural charm of the outside. It is the mixture and right proportion of colour, light, texture and patterns which can help bring nature’s magnetism into our living spaces through window curtains.

Ways to bring the nature inside with window curtains

There are various ways through which nature can be brought inside the room. One can either opt for nature-themed décor and furnishing, or have mini hanging gardens within the rooms to bring a hint of flora inside.  Bringing nature inside through window treatment like curtains is yet another important option that homeowners have. The Following are some the ways in which the curtains can help achieve this aim:

  • The use of curtains to Bring the Natural Hues within the room:

When one is in the lap of nature, they are surrounded by amazing, colourful sites like deep blue waters, to shining rainbow coloured gemstones,  to multicoloured fruits, to fiery hot lava, sunny shades of yellow, to soothing pinks in the flower kingdom. One can choose the desired colour theme and incorporate complementary shades on the walls to bring in the natural effect. Therefore, through curtain prints, all these dynamic shades of nature can be imitated and brought into the homes. For example, one can have the feeling of living close to nature with a forest-themed curtain, or create a relaxing environment in a living room with mountain themed curtains.

  • The use of curtains to Bring Natural Light within the room:

Nature is full of natural light. Different colours become dynamic because of the presence of it. The more a person is in contact with natural light, the healthier he or she feels. Therefore, while deciding the room’s theme, the amount of natural light entering the room becomes an important deciding factor. Depending upon the requirements and the theme of the room, the owner can select the window curtains which lets in the amount of natural light per his or her needs.

Further, windows can be specially designed to let in natural light, reducing the need for artificial light. With the curtains drawn, the excess light can be blocked, and when there is ample sunshine, the curtains can be set apart. The contact with sunlight uplifts individuals’ mood and provides them with energy. The owner can also program smart window curtains to open at sunrise and adjust as per the requirements throughout the day.

  • The Use of Floral Curtains to Nature Inside:

To make the room dynamic and vibrant, one can opt for floral curtains as a window treatment. Depending upon the fabric used, they provide the required amount of sunlight control and bring the liveliness of the flowery fields to one’s home.  They are gorgeous to look at and simultaneously have a soothing and healing effect on one’s psyche. Once installed, floral curtains can help the owner relax and be rid of the anxieties and stresses of daily life. The added advantage of a floral curtain is that they go well in most of the rooms and are available in many designs and patterns. These curtains can bring one close to nature and come with the option of being customised too. So depending upon the requirement, the curtains can have the floral print either at the top or at the bottom of the curtain, along with the option of an all throughout pattern. Rooms adorned with floral curtains give a fresh and welcoming feel.

  • The Use of Curtains to Create Nature-Based Themes:

Window curtains can help the owner create nature-based themes in the room. The point to consider is that the print on the curtains should go well with the colour of the walls. If the wall colour is light, then bright floral and nature-themed curtains add to the room’s charm. If the room is small, then the owner should opt for a monochromatic and straightforward natural hue for the curtain. But on the other hand, if the room is full of colours, then the curtain should be of a single colour which can complement the wall colours. Through the curtains, the owner can create nature-based themes in the rooms. Curtains that display seascapes, flowers, forests and wildlife can offer inspiration, relaxation, harmony and peace of mind to the inhabitants, especially in the congested city areas where trees are a luxury.

  • The Use of Organic Material to Make Curtains:

One can bring nature inside by using organic material for the curtain. These curtains feel more natural and will not harm the health of the inhabitants of the house. Furthermore, they are more durable and provide a better aesthetic. They do not deform while washing and are easy to care for and maintain. The curtains made from organic material allow air permeability; therefore, they do not let the air in the room become stale.

Window curtains can go a long way in bringing nature indoors. It is so because they can allow the owner to decide the amount of sunlight entering the room. They also help in making the rooms more dynamic and energetic by mimicking the shades of nature. An added advantage is that they have a soothing effect on the psyche of the inhabitants and help balance the energy flow in the room to increase overall productivity and happiness.

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