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“Bring Your Outdoors in, By Choosing the New Range of Solar Shades for Your Windows”

Have you ever thought about the risks that come with of harsh sunlight streaming through your windows? Do you know that these harsh UV rays are a major cause of Cancer?

Yes, You heard it right. According to American Cancer Society Ultraviolet (UV) rays are clearly a major cause of Melanoma (A type of skin Cancer that develops from the pigment-containing cells known as melanocytes). UV rays can damage the DNA in skin cells that lead the skin cells to multiply rapidly and form malignant tumors. These tumors originate in the pigment-producing melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis. Maybe you can protect yourself by wearing protective clothes or using sunscreen. But that is not the ultimate solution for your health. Because all the time you can not do these things especially when you are at your home.

But with Graber’s all new range of Solar Shades, you don’t have to worry anymore.Made of Green Guard and Microban certified fabric which has been tested for over 10,000 volatile organic compounds, Graber’s Solar Shades are the best affordable options to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. For several years, solar window shades have been getting more and more popular in the residential and the commercial spaces. Adding to its health benefits, Custom Solar Screen Shades offer a clean, simple design and unique features and benefits of today’s trends and designs. Solar Window Shades are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and block up the harmful UV rays, which can damage your furniture and even your flooring.

2017-06-07 (16)“In light commercial areas providing natural daylight and an outward view has resulted in increased productivity. Therefore, we have seen a huge shift from traditional horizontal blinds to solar shades” says Betty Bittner, Senior Product Manager, Graber.

These energy efficient shades aid in keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and save your money on energy costs.

Why Choose Them:

The level of comfort is one of the main characteristics to consider while choosing window solution and Graber’s Solar Screen Shades are solely crafted to bring absolute serenity into the room. The light filtering option gives you the optimum diffused sunlight for your rooms without disturbing your privacy level. There are multiple reasons to choose Solar Shades for your room.

    • Maintain an outward view: The shadows can be seen through these shades, but you will get the significant amount of privacy for your indoor activity with the control of the desired level of natural light.


    • Manage Glare: Pull down solar shades are best in reducing the glare on TV and home office computers. Choose from darker range of fabrics for better glare control and a better view to outside.


    • Reduce the Temperature: These sun filtering fabric reduce heat transmittance, keeping rooms cooler and elevating the comfort level in the home. Don’t forget to choose from lighter fabric colors for better temperature control.

Solar shade fabrics


    • Block Dangerous UV rays: Solar Shades are very eco-friendly and will protect your house and your health by blocking the harmful UV rays. These nergy saving shades are made with UV resistant, antimicrobial, flame retardant materials. The UV resistance helps protect your furniture from being slowly damaged by the sun’s rays, the antimicrobial helps keep your home clean, and the flame retardant material helps your home prevent fires from spreading quickly. It will help you to control the energy bills by reducing the temperature of your room. The amount of UV blockage is inverse to the openness factor, hence more the openness percentage higher the penetration of UV rays. These shades are perfect for the bedrooms, study rooms, kitchen and anywhere else where you want the privacy. Even the shades are very easy to maintain.


    • Fenestration Property: In this case, the solar optical properties are used to determine the shading coefficient and the shading coefficient represents the percentage of solar heat gain which is carried to the interior through the glass and the shading system.

2017-06-07 (17)


    • Easy to Clean: Even you don’t need to be panic anymore about its cleaning method. Because its very easy. Just by doing dusting or vacuuming you can remove spots or stains easily.


    • Flexible control options Solar Shades are also available with remote motorized solar shades and smart motorized solar shade versions which are useful for those who are unable or don’t want to operate their shades by hand. Smart Solar Shades are compatible with Smart Hubs like Samsung SmartThings, Wink and Vera Plus.


Smart solar shades can also be operated with Smartphone apps and further can also be customized for Voice command control by connecting the Smart Home Hub with compatible Voice assistant speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Lastly, Solar Screen Shades can be made up of 100% recyclable, biodegradable materials. These materials can have a 20-year life span. This is perfect if you’re interested in both saving money and being eco-friendly.
Design Considerations:

Known for its outstanding quality, Graber has again proved its most customer-centric product development approach with new roller solar program. Based on deep understanding of customer preferences and marketing color forecasting Graber has added new variety of colors and designs to its products. All the fabrics are in-house manufactured from Graber to increase the UV and heat blocking properties of fabrics.

Openness Factor:

Our Solar Shades come with different openness percentages, depending on how much light you want coming in and how much you want to be blocked. The percentage also indicates how much visibility you have on the outside.

If you choose a fabric with a higher openness percentage, like 6% or 14%, it will allow more light through, block UV rays, and give you a great view through the shade. But choosing a solar shade with a lower openness percentage, like 1% or 5%, will block, more light and harmful UV rays. So in one word Solar Shades allow you to look outside without worrying about the sun hitting your eyes.

Solar shades in dining room

1% and 3% openness factor are ideal for east, south, and west facing window whereas openness factor above 5% is ideal for north facing windows. Fabric color determines how clear the view is. Light color reflects the solar energy, defuse the light and have the higher energy savings. Dark color absorbs the solar energy, provides the better out the view and traps the heat inside the room.

Control Options:

Custom Solar Blinds have a number of control options including continuous loop lift, Smart pull lift, motorized lift, cordless lift so you can choose the mechanisms that best suit you and your home.

    • Continuous Loop Lift : It is very easy to install and keeps the chain taut for enhanced security.

2017-06-07 (13) - Copy

    • Smart Pull Lift : It has convenient easy glide lift system with a single color- coordinated cord and the Shade is lowered automatically with a single pull of the cord.

2017-06-07 (12) - Copy

    • Cordless Lift: With our solar shades, we eliminate the cord altogether. Cordless is the ultimate child-safe option, and it will give your home a streamlined, clean look.


    • Motorized Lift: Motorized shades mean modern convenience. Control them from anywhere in your home with a small remote. It’s easy-to-use and convenient, so it makes them perfect for those with physical limitations who would like some more independence.


  • Smart Motorized Lift: These modern state-of-the-art shades use Z-Wave home automation technology and can be controlled through smartphone app, voice command by integrating them with a Z-Wave compatible smart home hub like Samsung Smartthings, Wink and Vera Plus.

Solar Shades Privacy:

Solar Shades come up with different openness percentages, depending on how much light you want coming in and how much you want to be blocked. In normal daylight these custom solar shade block virtually all light and provides the highest degrees of privacy and light control. If you want more light and less privacy, choose the 5% solar shade. For the most privacy, choose a fabric from the 1% solar shade choices. However, at night the solar shades do not provide any privacy.

Note: Solar shades do not offer night time privacy; lighted interiors allow inward visibility. If complete privacy is desired, a dual shade or secondary treatment is necessary.


The operation of Solar Shade hasn’t changed much over the years, except they have become more reliable and durable. Its unique style is just one of many reasons why solar shades remain among the top choices of window fashions. The main factor of this product is that you will get it at a very low cost. Solar Blinds are easy to operate and durable fabrics that are easy to clean, making them a great product for a commercial workplace.

Known for their high-quality products and best experiences, Graber has again proven its ground with the new roller and solar screen shades. For any further query about the quality and specifications of the product please feel free to comment below or reach to our customer service at ZebraBlinds Canada.

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