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Luxury Roman Shades at Budget Friendly Prices in Canada

Luxury Roman Shades

Window treatments are an absolute necessity for every house. It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio apartment or in a huge manor. If there are Windows, then you will need window treatments. Window treatments can be chosen for the multiple functions and advantages they provide or they can be chosen based on how elegant and sophisticated they can make a place look. But there are a few types of Window treatments that are both multi-functional as well as beautiful to look at. Luxury Roman shades are one such window treatments that can add seamless beauty and luxury to your home and at the same time, prove to be very useful and multi-functional. In this post we will see how we can bring home this luxurious looking window treatment without having to spend a ton!


The Historic Beauty of Luxury Roman Shades


Roman shades are the window treatments that use airy and light-weighted fabric to give a very breezy and sophisticated look to the interiors. They fall flat against the windows when they are closed and when they are open, they gorgeously huddle up in a soft u-shaped formation on the top. These shades were historically used by the Romans as their most preferred window treatments at palaces. The shades were woven with rich silk fabrics that added to the luxurious and royal look of the palaces. This style was also adapted in larger scale as curtains to use for theaters, stadiums etc. Loosely adapted from this very style, the custom roman shades that is currently presented by the industry is best suited for modern houses and workplaces. The best part is, they can be customized to fit into a budget as well!

Smart Motorized Roman Shades


Different Types of Motorized Fabric Roman Shades


Roman shades are very adaptive to any kind of interior design and they can blend well with any sort of décor. From neutral to bright shades and from plain to patterned fabrics, you can choose from these roman shades to complete the interior of your home.

Relaxed Roman Shades– These luxurious roman shades are made of lightweight fabric that give a very relaxed and informal look to the interiors. They give a very clean, sophisticated, and chic look to the space. There is a range of fabrics to choose from for this kind of window treatment, in a variety of different styles and openness levels. Based on your immediate requirements, you can choose between a fabric that is sheer or opaque. These Shades are held together by a string or a cord on either ends. They can be used to pull up these shades. When pulled up they form a soft U shaped formation on top of the window. In the closed position, they fall flat against the window.

Flat Roman Shades– These shades are made up of a single fabric, just like the relaxed roman shades. But when they are opened, they fold themselves into soft horizontal pleats, neatly stacking one upon another at the top of the window.  These window coverings can also be customized according to your interiors based on the texture and color of the fabric. Flat Roman Shades are best suited for formal and structured spaces like the workplace or even at home offices.

Motorized Roman Shades


Cascade Roman Shades for a Gorgeous Looking Interior


These shades are a combination of a shade and a blind. They are made up of horizontal vanes made of an opaque material and are overlaid by a fabric material, usually sheer. Cascade Roman Shades are an amazing option when it comes to better light control and adaptability. When the Blinds are in a closed position, the room is dark and private, with the soft glow of natural light coming through. And when the blinds are in the open position, they allow you to see through and let the direct sunlight into your room.

Apart from this, Roman shades can be customized and personalized to a very huge extent. The fabric of the shades come in a range of material and colors. They also come in patterned versions for those who love the funky interior décor. They are very natural and make the whole space feeling light and airy. There is a common understanding of the industry that luxury roman shades are expensive and not easily available to the larger section of the population. However, innovations in the industry of window treatments have changed everything. The level of customization has made these shades available to everyone.

Cascade Roman Shades


Luxury Roman Shades Versus Cascade Sheer Shades


While roman shades refer to the design of the window treatment, sheer shades refer to the material used to build the window treatment. Cascade Sheer shades are adjustable in openness even while the shade is already down, while the roman shades are largely defined the characteristics and openness of the fabric itself.

The shades are known to provide light control and privacy on multiple levels. They also provide insulation and protect the home from any harmful radiations from the sun. They are absolutely gorgeous to look at and they can blend in with any kind of décor to add more elegance to space. They can either be operated by strings or cords on either end of the shade so that you can open or close the shades by pulling the cords. But for a more safe and hassle-free option, you can go for the motorized option, as they serve the same purpose as the cascade shades but can be operated remotely with the press of a button.

Roman Shades Versus Cascade Sheer Shades

Royal and elegance are the words usually used to describe these luxury roman shades. However, there is another undeniable characteristic of these shades and that is the fact that they are highly customizable. Hence that are very budget friendly and can blend with any kind of interior décor!

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