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Budget Smart Planning Saves on Window Dressing

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A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned.

“When you’re dressing on a budget, simplicity is key.” Ne-Yo.

Sometimes, you get seduced by the perfect home so much that you overshoot your budget completely. It is not often that we come across a home that matches our dream! Our nine months of intense search came to an end with Rose Haven, a beautiful home that looked as though it was made for us. The only drawback was the price. It was slightly higher than our budget allowed. After a week’s discussion, we decided that we would make few sacrifices to make Rose Haven our home. We also decided to keep the name. The previous owner had made the deal only for the bare house with nothing else included, not even the beautiful and exquisite artisan drapery that covered the massive windows.

Though we were on string budget after moving into our new home, we could not avoid decorating our windows. Uncovered windows are not only an ugly sight, but they also attract prying eyes trying, especially if you are newly moved in young couple. Hence, I decided to have a limited budget windows treatments and other interior requirements that would meet our basic requirements without squeezing the life out of our strained bank accounts.

Window blinds could not be bought without spending a small fortune on it. Of course we have cheap window coverings, but they would not blend in with our majestic new home because they also looked cheap.



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We decided on what old furniture, decorative items, and other things could be blended with the new decor. I started to panic as we counted the windows – they were 16 in all. Fortunately, we found that we did not require immediate replacement of many furniture or carpet for the time being. That allowed us a few spare bucks added to our budget for our window blinds. Eventually, the window blinds would add some pennies to our budget by saving us on utility bills.

We began with prioritizing the rooms that would need immediate attention. Our master bedroom, followed by the living room, two other bedrooms, family room, study, drawing room, kitchen, and bathroom. Whew! I suddenly beamed with pride to have made such a wise purchase. There was one extra room in our house that had no purpose at present. We decided to hang our old drapes on the windows there and also in our drawing room. This saved us some money that we could spend on customizing the window treatment on our bedroom windows.

Comparison Shopping.

We started off with our master bedroom – we planned on doing the installation by ourselves, and we decided to take one room at a time. Comparison-shopping is a contemporary and money-saving shopping option for homeowners like me who have to pay attention to every minute detail. We could compare prices online to make sure we got exactly what we wanted, at the best possible rate as well.

Online shopping is quite convenient and within minutes, we were agreed on our decision to install the Norman Portrait Blackout Cordless Cellular shades on our bedroom windows, since it was well within our budget. These beautifully designed shades were of excellent quality, with the assurance of a renowned brand. We went through customizing the shades, opting for the inside mount, 3/8 inch Portrait Ultracel Blackout in steel gray, took measurements without deductions as instructed, and went on to place our order immediately. As for the lift operation, we opted for the SmartFit system because it gave us the maximum light control that was relevant to us. The shades came with a 3-year warranty on color fastness, and lifetime limited warranty for the shades as long as we remained the owners. Following the installation instructions, we had them up on our windows in no time at all! All from within the comfort of our home, our new Rose Haven!

Besides being highly functional, the honeycomb design enhanced the charm of the windows and added aesthetic value to our bedroom. We got far more than what we asked for, because these shades trap air and block sound before it reaches inside, not only insulating against the heat or reducing heat lost when cold, but keeping the bedroom calm and peaceful as well.

For the living room, we opted for light filtering cellular shades since the diffused light would enhance the decor of our room while protecting it from harmful UV rays. These shades are great for our living room since they gently diffuse incoming light to provide some light control and the moderate privacy that is required there. We decided to install the same window treatment for all three bedrooms since that would create a balanced decor in our home. With free shipping and discounts offered, we could afford them now. We ordered Norman Portrait Blackout Honeycomb Cellular Shades for two more bedrooms as well.

Since we were on a shoestring budget, we decided to wait for a few more months before moving ahead with the window decorations for the rest of our home. Now that we had a glimpse of what good window decorations can do for our home, we did not want to compromise anymore. We wanted nothing but the best for our Rose Haven!

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