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Can Mini Blinds Help You Beat The Winnipeg Winter?

Can Mini Blinds Help You Beat The Winnipeg Winter?

Home decor must never take a backseat if want your space to reflect your taste and your personality. The way you furnish your interior space, right from the sofa to the curtains, will go a long way in establishing your own identity as a homeowner in front of visitors. Nowadays, you can explore a huge variety of amazing products that are not only made up of first-class materials but also exude a strong hint of class and elegance. Window blinds are a perfect addition to your home decor as their simple, minimalist colors can improve the style of your home. Window blinds come in handy when you have to block out the excess sunlight or maintain your privacy from curious outsiders. The blinds act as a wonderful shield to guard you against harmful UV rays and can boost the aesthetic appeal of your living space as well.

Are Mini Blinds The Right Choice For Blocking Out The Cold In Winnipeg?

Customers today are very particular about the type of products they purchase and do not compromise on the quality while weighing the pros and cons. So, when it comes to installing window treatments in your house, you need to consider a lot of necessary aspects like the overall appearance of the blinds, whether the blinds are energy-efficient, the day-to-day maintenance, the approximate budget, and more. With the advent of technology, it has become more convenient to find custom-made decor products that will both serve your purpose and give you value for the money spent.

Mini blinds are commonly referred to as aluminum blinds that promote the functionality of your windows and are cost-effective. Built as based on a thin profile, the mini blinds are well-suited for the windows and doors that exhibit a shallow depth. The mini blinds are the best option if you want a convenient setup for controlling the amount of sunlight entering your room while strictly preventing a breach of privacy. However, mini blinds are not a viable option when it comes to beating the biting cold during the harsh winter months in Winnipeg. The temperature in Winnipeg can drop as low as -20.2 degrees Celsius on an average from December to January. The snowy, freezing cold makes Winnipeg the tenth coldest city in Canada! Though the skies can be clear or sunny, strong Arctic winds from the north can dilute the warmth of the sun by dropping the mercury level. The winter storms can make it harder to survive without proper heating or insulation from the cold. While mini blinds will help to a degree, they are far from ideal.
Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds

Which Window Treatments Work Well In Winnipeg Winters?

There are many options in window treatments when it comes to beating the cold with proper insulation. Let us explore a few variants down below that might work well in keeping you warm enough during the Winnipeg winters.

    • Be it color or style, the customer can now be the boss and select the perfect set of cellular blinds in Winnipeg that will accentuate their home decor, while taking the local climate into consideration. When it comes to the cordless lift in cellular blinds, this particular type is widely available owing to its well-designed, hidden control system that removes the need for installing cords. Now, who doesn’t wish to opt for a neat decor where you do not have to deal with the messy appearance of cords?
    • Investing in thermal curtains can be an interesting method to diminish heat loss from the windows by as much as 25 percent. Plus, thermal drapes can act as a protective barrier against the chilly drafts during the winter months, in addition to reducing your energy costs.
    • You can customize your own insulated Roman shades by adding layers of fiberfill and a vapor barrier between the lining and outer fabric. The energy-efficient Roman shades well-fitted with thick thermal fabric work wonders in shielding you from the chill.
    • Another wise decision would be to opt for layered window treatments that combine blinds with thermal curtains, shutters with thick drapes or even window shades with cold-resistant curtains.

Roman Blinds with Lining

How Important Are Window Blinds In Winnipeg During The Winter Season?

As you must already be aware of, window blinds play an integral role in maintaining the temperature inside your house and will prove beneficial in bringing forth a cooling mechanism during the summers while keeping it warm during the chilly winters. While concentrating on window treatments, you can surely opt for cellular shades that will make sure that you receive proper insulation against the biting cold. Since cellular blinds are lightweight and the installation is a breeze, many homeowners believe in saving a ton of money by going for an eco-friendly option that preserves energy. The layered window treatments in Winnipeg can actually be considered as a long-term investment if you wish to winter-proof the windows and want cozy, warm indoors during the colder months.

Many customers feel that blackout blinds not only offer greater privacy but can also act as a powerful barrier to block out cold. On the other hand, honeycomb blinds are totally efficient at blocking the cool air and not allowing it to spread across the room. The combination of compact, lightweight and layered window treatments in Winnipeg that are professionally installed are completely energy-efficient and will not let the warm air escape from indoors. Aluminum-based mini blinds are surely a cheaper alternative but are not very effective when it comes to surviving the freezing cold in Winnipeg.

Last but not the least, cellular blinds are both affordable and rich in modern features when it comes to keeping your home warm during the chilly winters in Winnipeg. Durable and light, even the large-sized windows can be fitted with these window treatments, which will work best when teamed up with heavy insulated curtains. A pro tip is to fully open your window blinds during the daytime and try to soak up as much sunlight as possible. This, in turn, will let you reap benefits as you lock up the natural heat and change to an energy-saving mode in the evening.

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