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Can You Fix Warped Wood Blinds?

Can You Fix Warped Wood Blinds

There are different window coverings for regular, wide and odd-shaped windows. They can also be customized by getting in touch with your manufacturer. Many brands have a section in which you can enter the window dimensions by first measuring the length and breadth carefully, and then putting in the details. There are a lot of things that you can focus on to ensure that you have the perfect shades. However, what you cannot ensure is their longevity. You can’t guarantee when the blinds begin to warp or crack when exposed to the sun for too long, or when they develop stains and spots. It is a common occurrence for such shades. The reasons for warping could be many. However, the important question is: can you fix warped wood blinds? That’s what we are here to find out. This section is dedicated to all those homeowners who have lately begun to face problems with their window treatments.

How Do Wood Blinds Warp?

Wood blinds are often the most common types of window coverings for people across the globe. They have lately become go-to window treatment options and have made a solid comeback for people who want their abode to be a perfect combination of luxury and function, and the right blend of the contemporary with the traditional. Their usage and versatility allow you to set them up in the important portions of the house, especially where you have guests. They can be as perfect for the living room, forming a wonderful glow of natural sunlight with their textures and light-filtering capabilities, as they can be in the bedroom. However, their ability to withstand heat and moisture for longer durations depends on the material used in their construction.

Natural wood blinds are those that use 100% real wood, with no chemicals or coating. Examples of natural wood are Oak, Cherry and Basswood. Their durability also depends on the drying process that they undergo. This is where the quality of brands comes into the picture. Brands such as Graber use 100% North American hardwood and have a long procedure to rid the moisture of these woods. Naturally, the optimal drying process gives out the best results. However, it is best advised to not use them in areas prone to high moisture, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. The wood needs to remain dry, and any exposure to liquid will heighten their chances of cracking and warping.
Warped Wood Blinds

Are Composite and Faux Wood Blinds Moisture-Resistant?

Unlike real wood blinds, composite and faux wood blinds aren’t made of 100% natural material. Wood is one of the components, though not necessarily the main one. The other materials used could be PVC, plastic, polystyrene, or wood pulp. Exposure to heat may ultimately cause these blinds to warp, as composite wood or plastic is not specifically resistant to hotter temperatures. You’re advised to not set them up in very dry areas where the temperatures may rise above 30 degrees Celsius. However, the water-resistant quality of plastic makes them good options in humid areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Fixing The Cracked Slats

A cracked window slat or one that is severely damaged can compromise the look of the entire window space and might create a negative impression of your place in front of your guests. Besides the looks, it can also cause more light to enter than intended, and thus make the room hotter or cooler than anticipated. Mending a warped blind should be your utmost priority, and there are some ways in which you can go about it.

1. Use a Screwdriver: The plugs at the bottom of the blinds should first be removed by using a screwdriver. These plugs hold the lift strings together.

2. Pull The String: Pull it through the hole and untie the knot; however, you need to be careful with the string as you need to put it back in place after you replace or mend the slats.

3. Take Out The Slat: It is here that you need to put the replacement or the mended slat. A slat can be fixed as long as you know how to go about it. The process will require some repair, polishing or a coverup of the cracked portion with additional wood. You may require the help of a carpenter or a repairman for this, otherwise, a single replacement slat is always available in the market. You should get one of the exact same size, color and design, for it may otherwise stick out like an unwanted, ugly portion of your window blinds.

4. Re-Insert the Mended/Replacement Slat: Once you’ve done so, restring the blinds using the same thread by following the same course through the slats.

5. Put The String Back In Place: The string has to go back in through the base, and you need to tie it off at each side so that the length between the slats is uniform, and they do not tilt to one side.

6. Replug: Secure the window shade by using a screwdriver to put the plugs back on.
Fixing Crack Slats

How To Avoid Warping Of Wood Blinds?

Instead of going through the long procedure of replacement and mending, sometimes it is better to take the right precautions so that the blinds stay protected and safe.

1. Go For Motorized Blinds: By setting up motorized blinds, you keep their cords out of reach of little children and pets in your home who may twist them out of shape by chewing or getting entangled in them. This can not only damage the shades but also compromises their safety when they are not being monitored. Motorized blinds are also better for harder-to-reach and taller windows where the kids cannot reach.

2. Install A Window Film: Installing a window film and sealing off the edges may reduce the impact of the sun and rain on your shades, thus ensuring they last longer than they otherwise would in the absence of one. A window film also has other advantages, such as reducing the glare of the sun and protecting the furniture from fading even when the window blinds are open.

3. Having An External Shade: When you have a shade sail, an external roller shade or an awning just outside the door or the window, the impact of the sun or rain is minimized. You can then install the wooden blinds on your windows without worrying about the weather conditions.

4. Regular Care And Maintenance: Finally, what is paramount is that you take good care of your wood blinds regularly. Use a vacuum cleaner or clean, dry cloth. Avoid water on them as exposure to moisture beyond a point can cause damage. Also, read the manufacturer’s instructions for the preferred method of maintenance.

Final word: Just like any other blind, a wooden blind can be fixed by polishing or coating it with additional wood. You may also get it replaced by a slat, and it wouldn’t cost you much. It is, however, essential that you take enough precautions so that the need doesn’t arise. Do not put them up in areas that are prone to moisture, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Also clean them regularly so that they last you for years, even decades.

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