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Can You Get Replacement Window Slats for Your Blinds?


Did your cat just get its head stuck in the blinds and break a few slats while getting out? Or, did the little one hit the blind with his sword? No need to panic!

Irrespective of the materials used, blind slats will break, or bend. It is a common problem most blind owners encounter. It is also very easy to resolve. You can just replace the damaged slat without writing off the whole blind, providing the rest of the hardware is in ship-shape.

Why Do We Replace Slats?

There can be various reasons to change blind slats. Damage is the common reason, but the change of décor and seasonal requirements are some of the other reasons why owners seek to replace blind slats. All of the above factors are reinforced by budgetary considerations.

The Cost Factor
Replacing blinds is a costly business. If it is a big room, you will need to replace more than one blind to preserve the aesthetic integrity of the room. You can easily bypass such expenditure by simply replacing the old or damaged slats with new ones. It will also save you the trouble of measuring for, ordering, and installing the new hardware.

Enhanced Functionality
With the market flooded with a wide range of window treatments with the latest features and functionalities, it is very hard to resist an upgrade. For instance, you might need to change your plain blinds into blackout blinds or add heat-resistant and dust-repellent features. Don’t let rising cost-concerns dampen your enthusiasm. Just order replacement blind slats with all the functionalities you wish to have in the correct measurements and transform the whole look of the room.

Change of Décor
Modern technology has made blinds more durable than ever. They last for a long time, but the décor can become tired after some time. If you wish to change the look of your room, you can use the existing blind hardware to put in new blinds slats to totally transform the space. You can safely store away the old slats for later use.

Seasonal Requirements
As more features get added to our window treatments, the blinds that are perfect for winter might not quite work for summer. Simply changing the blind slats with new materials will save you a lot of effort and money.

Environmental Concerns
Doing away with all the blind hardware to get new ones can be costly consequences, not only on your budget but also on the environment. Replacing the slat instead of the whole blind will have a positive impact on the environment.

How to Get the Replacement Slat?

Getting replacement slats for standard windows is easy. Just make sure that the slat measurements match the old ones perfectly. Once you get them, you can get down to work. For accurate measurement of vertical blinds, count the existing number of slats and the fabric strip correctly, and place an order.

To measure for horizontal blinds,
Step 1: Measure the whole length from left to the nearest 1/16inch.
Step 2: On the left, measure from the start to the first route hole to the nearest 1/16inch.
Step 3: Measure from the start to the beginning of the second route hole to the nearest 1/16 inch.
Remember that all route holes are measured from the left, from the very beginning of the slat.

Let’s first look at the steps needed to replace horizontal slats. You don’t need to take the blind down for this.
Step 1: The first step is to remove the plug right at the bottom of the blind. You will be able to see the knotted end of the cord that runs through the holes throughout the blind.
Step 2: Untie the knots.
Step3: Now move to the slat you wish to remove. Start pulling the cords out through the holes till you reach the slat. If you are removing more than one slat, start at the slat that is placed at the top.
Step 4: When you take out the cord, the slats become loose. Remove the slats you wish to replace from the ladder string. The ladder string is made up of ladder rungs that hold the slats in place.
Step 5: Slide in the new slats to hang in the same place.
Step 6: Now that the new slats are in place, slide in the old undamaged slats back in place by stringing the cords back through the holes in them.
Step 7: When you reach the last slat, tie a knot at the end of the string to secure all the slats. This is when you have to make sure that all the slats are evenly placed on the ladder string.
Step 8: Put the plug back in the bottom of the rail. It needed, use a hammer gently to put in the plugin firmly.

Now if you need to replace a slat in your vertical blind, the task becomes much easier. Vertical blind slats are individually hooked into carriers running along the head-rail. All the slats are connected at the bottom through a chain link. The design makes it very easy to get the offending slat out and put a new one in.

Step 1: Use the bead-chain to turn the hooks to stand at a 90°angle with the blind. This will make it easier to unhook the slat.
Step 2: Each slat usually comes fitted with a ring-like structure on the top. Gently take it out of the hook.
Step 3: If it is a clip that is holding the slats, gently insert a thin plastic to wedge it open and pull the slat downward to pull it free.
Step 4: Disconnect it from the chain at the bottom.
Step 5: Hook the replacement slat into the hook on the top. Then connect it with the chain link at the bottom. Repeat the same process to replace as many slats as you want.
That’s one job well done! Now relax and enjoy the new look of the room with a cup of coffee.

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