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Can You Mount Vertical Blinds Over French Doors?

Vertical Blinds Over French Doors

The Ultimate Guide to Dress Up Your French Doors

In recent home trends, French doors are a beautiful addition that lets natural light flood into the room and brightens up space instantly. Which is all good and well until it comes to covering them with a blind. These doors come with a spare panel on each side of the doors, and vertical blinds are a great solution as they can span easily span and cover the doors perfectly. But mounting these blinds means your doors should open outwards, or if not, then hang the blinds high above the doors to make sure that the doors can open inwards.

Vertical blinds are like the cherry on a cake for your French doors. Their extreme versatility and functionality make them a popular and unique choice. These window blinds are ideal to create a perfect traditional look. The biggest advantage of these window solutions is the ease of operation and the fabric slats make them extremely lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Upgrade your living room by mounting these window dressings over the French doors and bring out that modernize, unique, and a distinct look for your indoor!
Vertical Blinds for French Door

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Before getting vertical blinds for your French doors, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of the blind to ensure whether it will work efficiently or not.

• Easy Light Control
By moving or tilting the vanes of these window blinds, you can control the sunlight penetrates through the doors while still being able to see outside but maintain privacy. By controlling the excess light, the blinds enhance the energy-efficiency of your arena as well. Available in sheer, blackout, and light filtering fabric materials, choose the options that match your needs.
There are different slat sizes that allow how much light will enter a space.

• Huge Choices of Designs
Proper decoration can make French doors the focal point of your space while bringing the dimension and warmth to space. Endless availability of colors, texture, and pattern options creates a stylish and astounding look for your décor. Customize properly to add a finishing touch to the doors while bringing an architectural interest.

• Made from Quality Materials
The vanes are made from PVC, Vinyl, Wood, and Fabric which not only bring a dramatic flair to your space but also ensure the durability and sturdiness of the blinds.

• Make Your Ceiling Look Higher
These window blinds give the impression of height in a room. Hang them high to make your space look bigger and spacious.
• Affordable Option
Wishing to give your French doors an elegant look without spending a fortune? Then vertical blinds are the answer. These blinds are extremely affordable but don’t compromise with the style or functionality.
Vertical window treatments are an attractive and refined way to treat your French doors. The lightweight feature of vertical blinds makes them extremely easy to install and operate. A standard cord is used to move the blinds from one side to another. French doors tend to accumulate more dust and dirt, unlike the standard windows. But these blinds need a minimal cleaning process to maintain the classy look.
French Door Blinds

Things to Remember while Installing Vertical Blinds on French Door

• French door comes with a handle option that might create an issue in the way of functionality. Vertical blinds will generally need to be outside mounted in order to clear the door handles.
• These blinds not only create a captivating look for the doors but can easily coordinate with the existing window treatments.
• Install the blinds above your door and have the width oversized so that it can clear the door completely when opened.
Vertical blinds are a fashionable choice to install on sliding glass doors, but they can be installed on French doors as well with the right options. Check out the latest vertical solutions and install them on French doors and revamp the beauty of your overall space!

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