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Can You Put Plantation Shutters In A Bathroom?



Can You Put Plantation Shutters in A Bathroom? Many  ask this question when trying to select a perfect window covering for bathroom windows.

Many bathrooms have windows next to the bathtubs too. They are normally mounted high at the top to preserve privacy, and we can further drape the window with the right kind of window covering to ensure complete privacy.

However, bathrooms are a place where the humidity plays a huge role. They are exposed to high amount of moisture and steam every day which means that many materials will not survive in these conditions. Any material that does not have a resistance to water will start to warp and fade.

Fabric is a poor choice for these conditions. They will peel and wear off easily. Wood blinds can warp due to extreme weather, so it’s always better to choose faux wood blinds or aluminum blinds.

Now the question comes – can you put plantation shutters in a bathroom? Let’s have a look at the composition of the plantation shutters and then we can decide whether it is suitable for your bathroom.

Although exquisite to look at, plantation shutters are primarily and usually made of wood – making them an unsuitable choice for a window treatment. Can plantation shutters be made of other materials as well? The answer is yes. They can be made of vinyl and plastic as well which makes them a good choice for bathrooms because of their moisture resistant qualities.

  1. Vinyl Plantation Shutters- The perfect solution to dress your bathroom windows

Vinyl is a good material for windows that are constantly exposed to water or moisture. Whether your windows are low to the tub or placed higher above, this material can put an end to all your worries. Vinyl plantation shutters are waterproof, can sustain humidity, and stay as good as new for years to come.

2. PVC Plantation Shutters- The most affordable solution for your luxurious bathrooms

PVC shutters may not look as good as vinyl or wood; however, it is extremely budget-friendly. Hence if you are a young professional, who has just taken your first apartment on rent, or someone struggling with credit card bills and mortgage loans, or lost income during the pandemic, then we would suggest you to go for this variety of plantation shutters for your bathroom. When compared to wood or vinyl, PVC may be viewed as a runner-up by some people. However, when looking at its value for its price point, PVC tends to exceed expectations. If you are under budget, PVC plantation shutters are the way to go.

Plastic plantation shutters are also waterproof and can withstand water and steam just like the vinyl shutters. This is the ideal option for those homeowners who want to enhance the aesthetic value of their baths within a budget.

Ideal color co-ordination for plantation shutters

Now that you have made up your mind to put plantation shutters in your bathroom, you need to think about the right color for it too. Let’s look at some options that will suit your bathroom the most.

  1. Solid colors for a uniform look of your bathroom

It is always a good idea to have matching accessories in your bathroom for that gracious look. Color uniformity from your towels, rugs, and other accessories tends to give off an exquisite aesthetic. You may even choose porcelain items with nice colors and designs.

You may choose to have the shutters in solid colors like white, brown, grey or beige that matches one of the colors in your bathroom.

2. Complimentary colors for that bright look in your bathroom

You can play around with more than one color in your bathroom and give it a fun charm. Complimentary colors are opposite colors on a color wheel that look good together . Instead of uniformity, strive for accents and patterns through color. By using three or four colors in a color scheme for your bathroom, you can find a combination that gives your space a more unique look than a single color.

Here are some combinations you may find appealing for creating these combinations in your bathroom-

  • Orange-navy-white
  • Light blue-brown-white
  • Red-black-white
  • Pink-Maroon-White
  • Grey- Black- White

These are only a few examples of the color combinations which you can use for your bathroom.

How plantation shutters can change the look of the bathroom-

  1. Contemporary country-home look

Using plantation shutters, you can create a contemporary country home look in your bathroom. It’s a perfect mix for those who love both modern and country/cottage styles. Plantation shutters can be used in the rest of the rooms too in order to maintain that homely cottage-like look.

2. Complete privacy and anonymity

We always have the biggest question of privacy when we are choosing window coverings for our bathrooms. Plantation shutters will give you complete privacy when closed and when no one is using the bathroom, you can leave it open so that the natural sunlight and air can enter your bathroom.


Now since we have looked at the various options of plantation shutters, we would recommend you do your own research and see which one is best-suited for you.

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