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Can you Shorten Cordless Blinds?

Can You Shorten Cordless Blinds

What are Cordless Blinds?

In the world of blinds and shades, cordless blinds have been a revelation. They have ended years of frustrations and safety concerns posed by corded blinds. The latter came with cords for raising and lowering the shades. These cords kept dangling by the side of the window or pooling all over the floor. They often got tangled causing frustrations to homeowners. More importantly, these have posed serious safety hazards to homes with pets and toddlers. Pets are playful and toddlers are inquisitive about exploring the world. Anything and everything excites them and they make a grab for them. There have been countless instances when cats and infants have got themselves tangled and strangulated in these cords, sometimes with fatal consequences. Despite repeated appeals and endless demands, blind manufacturers didn’t do much apart from including a disclaimer.

Cordless blinds as the name suggest come without cords. You just need to pull the bottom rail down to lower the blinds or tilt the bottom rail to tilt the slats. The introduction of cordless blinds has led to a collective sigh of relief across countries. Cordless variants are found in all types of blinds and shades today and has made life easy and safe for all.

Why You Might Need to Shorten Blinds

Most of us prefer custom-made blinds and shades as they are made specifically for our windows using correct measurements. Custom-made blinds do away with the need for alterations and modifications. Standard sized blinds are also available in the market and sometimes when we are hard-pressed for the time we might just have to settle for these. This is when fit issues arise. Blind might be too long or short, too wide or narrow. If it is short then there isn’t much you can do about it but if they are a little too long for your aesthetics, you have the option of shortening the blinds’ length. For this, you do not need professional expertise and can be done at home by yourself.
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Steps to Shorten Blinds

We have listed few steps for you to follow which will help to shorten the length of your cordless blinds.
Have the blind extended all the way down past your windows and familiarise yourself with the names and locations of the three main components that you will have to work within this procedure. There is one string that passes through all the slats and is called the ladder. There are the slats that can be tilted to adjust light and privacy in your room. They come in different sizes. And then there is the lift cord which remains unaffected in this process. They will not be cut or shortened as that will cause the blinds to stop working and will become unrepairable. The bottom-most part of the blind is referred to as the bottom rail and at the centre you will locate a small plug which is the bottom rail plug. Now that you are aware of the different parts of your blinds we will start the process of shortening the blind length.

1. Locate the first slat which appears below the window frame and while holding the slat with one hand lift it slightly off the horizontal ladder cord beneath.
2. Reach through the blind with a pair of scissors at an angle of 45 degrees and ensure that stay clear of the lift cord and also the horizontal ladder.
3. Cut through the route hole that the lift cord passes through without damaging the lift cord.
4. Repeat this step for the lift cord locations across.
5. Remove the slat from the blind once your complete and the repeat this process for all the remaining slats down to the bottom rail.
6. Place the slats that have been removed in a pile.
7. Do not cut through the bottom rail.
8. Hold the bottom rail, turn it over and find the plugs. Using a screwdriver or any sharp object pop the plug out of the hole.
9. Remember that the plug is connected to the lift cord and it should remain attached to the lift cord. The lift cord is under tension and will cause the plug to want to snap back into the bottom rail. This is normal.
10. Pull out the ladder cord and allow the ladder to hang straight down.
11. Cut the outside vertical ladder cord about two and half rungs below the last lap. Repeat this for all locations while ensuring that it is cut to equal links.
12. Now cut the horizontal ladder portions below the two and half rungs.
13. Use tape to secure the slats together and prevent them from getting in the way.
14. Pull the ladder down until the vertical portion touches the bottom rail.
15. Use your forefinger and thumb hold the ladder in place on both sides of the bottom rail.
16. Pull out the bottom rail plug, pull it to the side and use a finger to hold it. Insert the newly cut ladder cord into the whole and reinsert the plug. Ensure that the same amount of ladder cord is inserted into each plug. This is to ensure that the bottom rail is level.
17. The shortening process is now complete.
18. Raise and lower the blinds few times to ensure that the lift mechanism is working fine.

The DIY method of shortening cordless blinds is not difficult but you must be vigilant and attentive enough to ensure that you cut the right things and leave the lift cord unharmed. Done correctly, you will have successfully shortened the length of your cordless blinds and continue using and enjoying them.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damages caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

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