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Bringing Roman Style Luxury to Your Home with Cascade Roman Shades

Cascade Roman Shades

Roman shades are considered royalty in the window treatments industry. Whenever we hear the word ‘Romans’, we always start to imagine the royalty and grandeur that they bring. The cascade roman shades are a type of the rich and royal Roman shades that combines beautiful looks and functionality into one single window treatment. What’s more? It is now possible to bring this royalty and grandeur into your home as well by choosing from a range of roman style shades.


What are Cascade Roman Shades?

Cascade Roman Shades are made from a single piece of fabric that flows down on your window like drapery. They offer a luxurious and free-flowing look that brings elegance and sophistication to your window like no other window treatment. Available in a variety of styles and patterns, you can choose the fabric that works best for your privacy and light control needs and aesthetics.

Roman Style Shades


Combining Roman Style Shades with Other Window Treatments

Roman Shades have been a popular choice in the realm of window treatments for a very long time, largely due to their royal design and their practicality. The more modern versions of these luxury roman shades offer a more modern and stylish look. While the usual vertical or horizontal curtains and shades provide a very bulky look when they are open, Roman Shades, however, look very neat and sorted in the open or closed position. It feels like a dream while watching these shades in operation as you pull the cords. The bottom section of the shade gathers and stacks itself neatly in soft loops while it reaches the top. It is true that these shades were once considered traditional and old fashioned. However, design changes and innovations have brought these shades back to mainstream interior design. Designing using a range of materials for the fabric and a huge color palette is how these Roman style shades have adapted over the years and found their way into the modern home.

Cascade Roman Shades are just one such modern innovation of the traditional and classic Roman style shades. These shades stack up on each other neatly to give the look of a traditional Roman Shades when they are open. In the closed position, these shades resemble a cascading effect, that is mesmerizing and eye-catching to anyone that takes a look at it.

Luxury Roman Shades


Various Design Options of Roman Shades for Your Canadian Home

Customization is your biggest friend when it comes to choosing a window treatment that blends in with the interior decor of your home. The cascade Roman shades can be customized based on material of the fabric, type of the fabric, design of the fabric and color of the fabric.

Customization based on material of the fabric depends on what you want to achieve out of the window treatment. If you are installing these window shades so that you can achieve a dark room that is conducive to sleep, then you can choose room darkening fabrics for your shades. If you want to keep the space light and lively then you can go for sheer or light filtering fabric. You can choose to line the sheer fabric with another layer for those times when you need privacy.

Room Darkening Cascade Roman Shades


Customization based on design of the fabric is basically to help you choose a shade that matches your interior decor. You can choose a fabric that is plain or go for a fabric that has patterns all over it. If you are considering fabric with patterns, then there are a wide range of patterns and designs that you can choose from. You can be sure to find a fabric with a pattern and a design that blends perfectly with your home decor, be it classy or neutral, tribal or bohemian.

Roman Shades


Finally, customization based on the color of the fabric is a much well-known factor in any kind of window treatment. There is a wide range of color palette you can choose from for these window treatments. Based on the kind of look you want to achieve in your home, you can go for a color palette that suits your interior decor. If you want your home to look classy, you can go for neutral shades. For an elegant and homely feel, you can choose from a range of earthy tones. For a bright and fun looking home, you can choose from bright and pop shades.

With this level of customization, you can also be sure to find cascade roman shades that fit into your budget as well. Roman shades don’t have to break the bank; they can be designed using affordable materials to fit in any kind of budget. At the same time, they will still look gorgeous and classy, no matter what material they are made up of. That is the strength of these luxury roman shades and that is the reason they have survived through these years! So bring home the royal and decadent look with your choice of roman shades.

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