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5 Advantages of Recessed Windows

5 Advantages of Recessed Windows

Recessed windows are the talk of the town these days. If you like a retro look for your house, go for recessed windows. Recessed windows are ones that are fixed inside a recess or alcove of sorts within the wall. As a result, there is a distance between the window and the wall that surrounds it. Recessed windows add a…

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How to Fix Cordless Pleated Shades

Fix Cordless Pleated Shades

A Detailed Study on Fixing Cordless Pleated Shades Pleated shades are a unique and classy choice when it comes to giving the windows a crisp and clean texture. The shades are not only aesthetically pleasing but also manufactured to provide your space with multiple benefits. Installing these shades will offer your home décor an inexpensive casual look. You may love…

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Thick Curtain Rods – When Should You Use Them?

Thick Curtain Rods When Should You Use Them

Curtains are an elegant way to bring perfection inside your home both aesthetically and functionally. Their endless choice of colors and designs create a mesmerizing look for your windows, adding a special dimension to your interior. From blocking sunlight to offering protection, these window designs can do a wonder for your entire home décor. There’s a lot of factors to…

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How to Clean Outdoor Roller Blinds

How To Clean Outdoor Roller Blinds

Window treatments are an indispensable part of the home décor both due to their practical advantages and sublime aesthetics. While we give much thought and consideration to indoor window coverings, outdoor window treatments are often overlooked. Outdoor window treatments can make a huge difference in the overall effectiveness and appeal of the window dressing solutions you get for your home.…

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How to Clean Sheer Shades

How To Clean Sheer Shades

With so many different window treatment products, you are never short of options for dressing up the windows in your house. Available in every color and design you can think of, window coverings help ensure a comfortable atmosphere inside the house. They do so in a variety of ways that include protection against the scorching summer heat and winter chill,…

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Best Ways to Hang Blinds on a Steel Door

Best Ways To Hang Blinds On A Steel Door

Steel doors are in style nowadays. They are highly durable and resistant to rust. Consequently, they last much longer than traditional doors. The strong materials also prevent heat loss. The low maintenance costs are complemented by greater insulation and heightened security. When you hear of steel, you might think of industrial style doors, mostly seen in fire-exits and gym entrances.…

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Are Cellular Shades Waterproof?

Are Cellular Shades Waterproof

Window coverings are a versatile home décor element. They serve multiple purposes that include extensive heat insulation, light control, and effective protection against dust, glare, and UV exposure. These window coverings also do well in the way they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home décor. This versatility combined with their durability is one of the main reasons why window…

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What is the Cost of Plantation Shutters for Patio Doors?

What Is The Cost Of Plantation Shutters For Patio Doors

Modern homes go beyond regular architectural elements to evoke awe. A sophisticated design that is as elegant as is functional is the hallmark of modern home architecture. Patio doors are one such design that is an important and prominent feature in modern houses. These doors liven up the entrance and lend the home a more welcoming and cosmopolitan appeal. These…

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