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Dream Away The Cold: Warm up with these Excellent Window Treatments

Winter Season Window Treatments

It’s the time of year when we begin looking for ways to keep our homes warm. If you live in a cold climate, there are a few options that will help keep the warm air inside where it belongs. In the month of winter, you can keep your home warmer and reduce your energy costs by using the right window…

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Thermal Comfort with Insulating Cellular Shades Canada

Best Thermal Insulating Cellular Shades in Canada Cellular shades are considered as the best thermal shades as they provide the insulation from outdoor hazards. Cellular shades are made with some honeycomb structured fabrics. Honeycomb design creates a cell-like structure and forms an air pocket. These air pockets are responsible for the insulation feature. These air pockets permit the cellular shades…

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THE “BEST FOR KIDS” CERTIFICATION – NORMAN PRODUCTS CHILD SAFETY AT HOME We would all love to give our best to our kids. They are our responsibility and helping them to adjust to a new environment after nine months of warmth and safety in a mother’s womb is a prime concern. Parents and parents-to-be have so many dreams and plans…

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Small is Here to Stay

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Common Sense Window Shading for Sustainable Living Change takes place over a period of time that we don’t realize that some things have come to stay till we actually think about it. With urbanized overcrowding driving people out of cities to relocate to other less populated areas, with hopefully cheaper real estate, city planners, developers and homeowners have slowly but…

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Different Types of Window Coverings to Enhance Your Home Interiors

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Versatility of Different Types of Window Coverings An incredible range of windows is available in market today, to suit the endless demands. While most of us love windows for the view they provide, their primary purpose is for lighting and ventilation. Increasingly, residential structures are using plate glass, and curtain windows in the interest of energy efficiency and building costs.…

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Window Treatments for Corner and Bay Windows

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Solving Problems Posed By Unique Windows in Your Home   Installation of a window treatment is not a challenge to homeowners anymore. With detailed instructions provided by the manufacturers, customers opt for DIY options to furnish their windows, not just to save some bucks but also for the satisfaction of doing the job perfectly according to one’s need and requirement.…

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The Undisputed Benefits of Blackout Cellular Shades

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Sleep Longer for Better Physical and Mental health When our kids were smaller, we would ensure that their daily routine was executed with clockwork precision, making sure they were in bed not later than 8 pm every night, never mind that it was a weekend, or some holiday, not even on Christmas, because we all knew that a well-rested child…

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Window Shading for Long Windows

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A Studio Apt in Whistler, BC. We’re a youngish couple with our baby on the way. Exciting times ahead, I’m sure! We had a windfall recently when Steve’s elderly aunt died leaving him a sizable inheritance. Her favorite nephew of all time, Steve had had an excellent relationship with Aunt Meredith from the time he was a young boy, growing…

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