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Experience Natural Light with Day Night Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Enjoy Natural Light With Day Night Cellular Shades

Best Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Perfect Lighting “Natural light means Natural views.” Most homes never have enough general or ambient fixed lighting. Every home needs additional lighting to keep the room from being too dark and constricting. Imagine how your mood changes when a dull, cloudy morning rolls into a sun-kissed day, and then that bright afternoon sun softens into…

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The Advantages of Installing Sun Up Sun Down Cellular Shades

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Day-Night Cellular Shades – The Best in Practical and Budget Friendly Window Treatments   “My family was a good family, I had a great Canadian education and I came up in a great, little town like Ottawa.” – Paul Anka Like the great singer Paul Anka, many people associated with Ottawa have that respect and love for the city. I…

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Gaining Strength from Adversity

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Venetian Blinds and Cellular Shades That the winds of change is upon us is evident – the world over, tumult turns lives upside down, and the survival of the fittest dogma reinstates itself. In Europe, Greece grapples with a major economic crises that was long in the making; in Iran, socioeconomic crises has created the impetus for the crash in…

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Creating a Safe Environment for Your Pets

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The Benefits of Cordless Window Dressings Well! All I’ve been hearing is pets this, and pets that! In the last couple of weeks, pets have been garnering an inordinate amount of attention, some heroic, some tragic! Not a huge fan of pets myself, I sometimes find it ridiculous that people go stark raving mad over their pets! I mean, not…

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