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Get That Elusive Perfection You Want

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The Customizing Options of Artisan Drapery “Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle”. Michelangelo You would know what Michelangelo was talking about if you were to try to customize your Artisan Drapery. There are tons of trifle options available, which when arranged in a precise manner, will bring out the perfect look you desire for your window treatment. The…

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Accessorize Your Window Treatments with Wood Cornices and Valances

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The benefits of ‘finished’ windows. Have you ever done a presentation without doing a recap? Didn’t it feel like something was missing? How about that day you got all duded up, glam in designer clothes, shoes, accessorized to the hilt, but hair scrunched into a dreadful ponytail?! Quite a bit like having people over for dinner and not paying attention…

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Enhance window decor spending less! The recession has of late become a dreaded word. A large retail chain winds up operations, and we realize that the phenomenon has reached our doorstep. The recession is an overall slowdown in economic activity that results in businesses shutting up or down- sizing operations. Job losses and widespread unemployment follow. Yes, We need to…

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