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A Look at Graber Blinds

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  Graber, owned by Springs Window Fashions, is a recognized brand for window treatments. If you are looking for quality and selection, Graber can be an excellent choice for your home. There are many reasons why you might want to choose Graber if you’re looking for great window blinds, shades and treatments: Graber is known for quality products The company…

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Window Shutters or Blinds?

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What Differentiates Shutters from Blinds? In an earlier blog, I told you how my customers often get confused between shades and blinds, which was very frustrating for me at times. Failing to differentiate between shutters and blinds is another area of confusion I come across, just as often. As they both have vanes, it is difficult for me to convince…

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The Legend of Window Shutters

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The Performing Window Shutters. The enigmatic shutters have lots of legends attached to them – through history, shutters themselves have earned a legendary status, and are one of the oldest window treatments invented by man, serving various home needs like providing security, light control, enhanced privacy, protection against extreme weather conditions while increasing visual appeal of a building. There are…

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