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When winter comes, Insulate your home with cellular window shades

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Insulating cellular window shades for Canada Snow storms, just when we were savoring the colorful transition of fall brings to mind that idiomatic observation of Percy B Shelly. The least expected, the sudden dip in temperature to mid-winter levels has focused attention to insulating the home against every eventuality, including the not-so-rare-these-days dreaded power grid failure. So what can we…

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Keep Warm and Toasty this Winter with Window Coverings

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In the thick of the winter season, it’s important to keep ourselves warm. Canada is an unforgiving place this season, with temperatures plummeting into the negatives with abandon. We all need to keep warm, and we usually do it by raising the temperatures on our thermostats. Unfortunately, this comes with a cost… and we mean that literally! Every winter, heating…

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Classic Christmas Activities: A To Do List – Dress up your windows

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One of the most special occasions in North America is here…it’s Christmas time! You hear it in the air, and you hear it everywhere. Radios are playing Christmas carols, from ‘Jingle Bells’ all the way to ‘Let it Snow’. People are milling about in shops and malls buying gifts, as volunteers jingle their bells for donations made of your change.…

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Halloween Spooktacular Window Treatments Online Shopping!

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It’s a creepy countdown until Halloween and the days are slipping by fast! Let Zebra Blinds make them the best days for window treatment shopping with the great Halloween Sale! From numerous choices in bloody blinds, dark drapes, shadowy shades, and shocking shutters, the Halloween sale is sure to please with its low, low prices. Shop from the comfort of…

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