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Using a Palladian Shelf to Divide Your Extra Tall or Arched Windows

Palladian Shelf To Divide Your Extra Tall or Arched Windows

Palladian, Arched or Bay Windows – Large & Wide The architectural beauty of a gorgeous bay window, a Palladian or an arched window is unparalleled. These are specialty shaped large window openings that can be quite a stunner and help your rooms make a bold style statement. They help frame your outside view, flood your space with natural light and…

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Palladian Shelf

Palladian Window Shelf – Cover Your Large Window Openings for Privacy

Palladian Window Shelf

What is Palladian Window Shelf? A Palladian window is a very large window divided into three big rectangular sections. The central and largest window is topped with a semicircular arched window. The Palladian window is truly an elegant and graceful design, whether it’s viewed from inside or outside. Palladian window shelf help you cover these unique windows with the utmost ease and…

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