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Wall- to-Wall and Ceiling-to floor Window Shading

Sliding Panel Shades

Panel Track Sliding Shades A friend recently moved into a single bed rental, the selling point of which was its large patio doors, both in the living room and bedroom, which gave it an illusion of airy spaciousness, with a pretty decent view of the gardens beyond. She’d initially decided to leave the glass doors uncovered as privacy wasn’t an…

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Why Horizontal Blinds aren’t a Good Option for Sliding Patio doors


Best Solutions for Patio Sliding Glass Doors Vertical Blinds Have you noticed how people can drive you insane out of their sheer obtuseness? I mean, sometimes they just don’t make sense, be it that they wear clothes that don’t suit them but they just have to coz it’s the latest fashion statement or that they eat out at places just…

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