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5 Best Pleated Shades for Your Patio Doors

5 Best Pleated Shades for Patio Doors

Patio Doors Design Ideas with Pleated Shades When you hear the word ‘patio door,’ a particular image comes to your mind. A large glass window structure that provides access from an indoor to the outdoors that lets natural light and fresh air to enter your home. Whether your décor style is traditional, contemporary, or rustic, these amazing doors can work…

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Patio Door Window Treatments

Backyard Shade Ideas- Turn Your Small Outdoor to a Relaxing Space

Backyard Shade Ideas

Relax in Your Outdoors with these Backyard Shade Ideas In Canada, during the month of spring, everyone wants to take out their patio furniture and sit under the sun in their pergolas, decks, and yards. Our home’s outdoor spaces are the perfect place to entertain friends and family, or to relax and have a cup of coffee. No matter how big or small your yard…

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