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TYPICALLY MY DAUGHTER. My newly wedded daughter, Elizabeth had recently moved into a three bedroom apartment in Toronto. Two weeks earlier, I received a panic call from her in the early hours of the morning. Kevin’s friends and colleagues were visiting them soon. She was in a dilemma. The space was not at all the issue here with two bedrooms…

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The Enigma Called Vertical Blinds

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The Vertical Blind Solutions.   “I think every person has their own identity and beauty. Everyone being different is what is really beautiful. If we were all the same, it would be boring.” – Tila Tequila The same could apply for the window dressings as well. It is the distinct and unique charm of each window treatment that makes it…

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Mythology and Window Dressings

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    Distinguish between Shades and Blinds. Ever considered what ‘Shade’ means? Well, according to Merriam-Webster, ‘shade’ is defined as “comparative darkness or obscurity owing to interception of the rays of light/relative obscurity or retirement/ shelter (as by foliage) from the heat and glare of sunlight/ a place sheltered from the sun/an evanescent or unreal appearance, whereas the word ‘blind’…

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Why Horizontal Blinds aren’t a Good Option for Sliding Patio doors


Best Solutions for Patio Sliding Glass Doors Vertical Blinds Have you noticed how people can drive you insane out of their sheer obtuseness? I mean, sometimes they just don’t make sense, be it that they wear clothes that don’t suit them but they just have to coz it’s the latest fashion statement or that they eat out at places just…

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Cleaning up After Sunday Fun- It’s Got to be Done!

We love to have fun with our families. We cook together, and we eat together. When we garden together, we grow together. But… what about when the fun is over? What’s left? THE MESS! Oh yes, the mess. We forget about the consequences when we have fun in the heat of the moment- whether it’s splashing each other with mud…

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Adding style to your home with Vertical blinds

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  Typically Vertical Blinds are used for patio doors or sliding doors, however, they are a great choice for wide and long windows that open side to side. Vertical blinds have more use then just covering doors. These blinds offer beauty, functionality, and a variety of choices in style. If you want to change the look of your home and…

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The Freshness of Spring with Sheer Vertical Window Shades

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Its is the time of fresh spring roses, sparkling dew drops, the entrancing sun rises. Time for fresh starts and budding romances. It is time for your spring cleaning. In your interests to begin anew and to get rid of the old and bring in the new, do not forget the perfect shades to accentuate your spring masterpiece. Sheer Shades…

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