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Roller Shades – Glowing and Growing In Popularity

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What Makes Roller Shades Special? Roller shades have been a revolutionary development in the industry of window treatment, rising in popularity with each passing year. Customers prefer roller blinds since they meet both their practical and decorative needs more efficiently than any other window shades in the contemporary market. The versatile and flexible roller shades blend in with equal ease…

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ENERGY EFFICIENCY: THE CATCH WORD. In today’s modern world the word ‘energy efficiency’ stands out boldly. The earth-friendly lot see it as the red light on top of an ambulance with its incessant whirring. The more energy efficient a product, the happier the user. We are constantly reminded to either reduce or make do without a service to save energy…

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Explore the benefits of window coverings. The window has gone through many transitions, from mere slits that provided adequate space for covert warfare to crudely cut out holes in walls to provide a semblance of lighting and ventilation to the plate glass expanses one finds today! And the question many ask is, “why cover them?” when the benefits of not…

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Combat Heat with Effective Window Treatments

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Save on Energy with window treatments. Are you gearing yourself up to blast your air conditioner to combat the summer heat with the first drop of sweat trickling down your forehead? Why not resist heat this summer with some efficient window treatments instead? By paying some attention to your windows, holes in your home that allows nearly 50% of cooling…

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Window Dressing, The Buyer’s Responsibility

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Why GreenGaurd and Microban Certification has to be taken seriously? The ratio of heat directly transmitted by the sun (referred to as solar heat in technical definitions) that enters any space through the fenestration (window location and treatment) to the incident solar radiation is called solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). SHGC is an imperative index for homeowners to consider when…

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