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How to Clean Sheer Shades

How To Clean Sheer Shades

With so many different window treatment products, you are never short of options for dressing up the windows in your house. Available in every color and design you can think of, window coverings help ensure a comfortable atmosphere inside the house. They do so in a variety of ways that include protection against the scorching summer heat and winter chill,…

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Sheer Shades

Top 10 FAQs on Sheer Window Shades : Discover Style and Function

Sheer Window Shades

FAQs About Sheer Window Shades Sheer Window shades are the elegant combination of shades with the functionality of blinds. The soft inner vanes behave like a blind by tilting open and close. Their smooth and delicate appearance makes them the ultimate shade for any room, versatile in both design and light control. But when you’re planning to install sheer shades for your windows, so many questions come to mind. At ZebraBlinds, we…

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Flowing Sheers of Horizontal Sheer Shades

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Sheer Shades are an excellent choice when furnishing your windows. They offer a fresh, airy atmosphere and a modern sophisticated look. Relax and enjoy the beautiful summer and winter exterior views from inside your room in style. Recently the number of styles and options available in the window treatment market has increased, and sheer shades have been wildly popular. The…

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Rolling Down Windows – The Roller Shades in Canada

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Mechanism of spring loaded blinds A spring roller shade consists a hollow tube that consists of a spring inside. When tension of the shade is increased when the roller shade is pulled down. If you stop pulling down the roller shade, a ratchet and pin hold the tension on the spring on one of the ends of the roller shade.…

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Colour Me Healthy – Sheer Horizontal Shades

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Sheer Horizontal Shades for Healing After battling and surviving stage III lung cancer, Victor found new meaning in his name, the victorious one. Yes, he finally managed to win the war on cancer, an experience he always heard about but, had to go through himself to know how much of a constant challenge it was. Of course, there were many…

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Different Types of Window Coverings to Enhance Your Home Interiors

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Versatility of Different Types of Window Coverings An incredible range of windows is available in market today, to suit the endless demands. While most of us love windows for the view they provide, their primary purpose is for lighting and ventilation. Increasingly, residential structures are using plate glass, and curtain windows in the interest of energy efficiency and building costs.…

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THE SHEER COMBINING THE FUNCTIONALITY AND THE STYLE   What makes a window styling perfect is an unnerving question and a mind boggling task. There is much to consider in its form, as well as its function, to give it that “Perfect” label. What really sets it apart from the others? “Perfection is not attainable,” said Vince Lombardi, one of…

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CONSIDER YOUR WINDOWS BEFORE DECIDING. Living in Whitehorse, Yukon, has exceeded all our expectations in many ways – this city is beautiful, offering natural, scenic splendor in an abundance that only Canada can; rivers and rapids, snow-capped mountains, green forests with abounding wildlife – Yukon is home to the black bear, has a large population of moose, caribou, wolves, mountain…

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