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The Importance of Brands in Window Shading

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Go for the best experience everytime! Every window offers an ideal opportunity to express individuality through functional aesthetics. There are a lot of people out there who just couldn’t give a fig and some who attach undue importance while there are those who take the middle ground. Then there are those who are completely at sea when it comes to…

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The Horizontal Sheer Solutions.   “It was one of the March days when the Sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” Penned by the Great Charles Dickens, picturesquely describing the scenic elegance that the spring heralds with its onset. I’m sure you’ve already begun preparations to say…

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Accessorize your Window treatments.   The winter will soon be gone, and spring will bring forth its own excitement – Ground Hog Day, the baseball season, spring break, daylight savings, floods! According to projections from, a late start to spring is expected across Ontario and Quebec (including Toronto and Montreal) thanks to a chilly north westerly wind. Excellent news…

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Phifer SheerWeaves Fabrics the Solar Shades Fabrics

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Cutting edge technology of magic weaves of Phifer Sheerweaves fabrics for Solar Shades.   Why should you use Phifer fabrics for your window coverings? A good question, but tough to answer, because it is not easy to list out the advantages of Phifer fabrics. Phifer Incorporated has been a leader in manufacturing energy saving and sun control fabrics, in addition…

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Cordless Roller Solar Shades – A worthwhile investment

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Improve the Air Quality of your Home with Cordless Roller Solar Shades   Still caught in the throes of winter, all at home have had the sniffles and the sneezes that have us with beanies on our heads, mufflers around our throats, warm socks and mittens adorning our hands and feet, in addition to wearing warm woolly sweaters and pullovers.…

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Eco Friendly Window Fashions The Solar Shades

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The Importance of Eco Friendly Window Dressings. Our planet is changing, and unfortunately not for the better. Isn’t it a shame, which we, the most civilized species on this planet, are responsible for its slow deterioration and destruction? Apart from slowly killing our beautiful planet, we are harming ourselves along with our loved ones by installing home furnishings manufactured with…

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Fabric Roman Shades – Elegance & Beauty Rolled In one

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Roman Shades drapes and shades are combined. Once upon a time, when the sunlight filtering through a large window started interfering with his afternoon siesta, an exasperated Roman decided to do something about it. He hung a piece of cloth from a pole to filter the light. This did not help since the piece of cloth kept dancing to the…

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