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Fit For A King – Window Shades for your Large Mansion Windows

Mansion Window Treatments

Mansion Window Treatments Window treatments can set the tone for any room by adding natural sunlight or taking it away. Having large windows is a major plus in any home – they add character and provide much coveted natural light. Without window treatments, however, space will look unfinished.   No matter how proud you are of your home, we’re willing…

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Faux Wood Blinds, Window Blinds, Window Coverings, Window Curtains, Window Treatments

Thinking With Color – How to Choose the Right Color To Fit Your Room

Best Colored Window Shades

Treat Your Room With The Best Color Shades There is nothing more comforting than sitting inside your beautiful home and enjoying the beautiful view with warm sunlight shining through. Whether you think about it or not, your windows are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in and they help you connect with your environment. Windows, the eyes…

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Window Treatment with Rain on the Window Pane

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Saguenay, Terrace, Corner Brook, St. John’s, Prince Rupert Out of the night the thunder rang in my ear. I can’t fight the feelin’, Lord, that brings forth my fears. I wish it was over, Lord, please stop the rain. The rain that’s fallin’ on my window pane. (Grand Funk Railroad Lyrics)     Saguenay, Quebec Saguenay gets 950.8 mm of…

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What Is the Right Window Treatment for Your Home?

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How to Choose Appropriate Window Treatments   “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing” John D. Rockefeller In my professional life, I have learned the lesson that it is not only doing the right thing that is important, but also letting people, especially my customers, know…

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The Glory of Handcrafted Expertise – Artisan Custom Roman Shades

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Artisan Window Shading. Walking in the park is lovely, no doubt, but when you pass by a few people wearing the same tee or the same pair of loafers, the enthusiasm that you started out starts to wane. How many different Nike tees can there be? And really, how differently dressed can we be? After all, we’re the hoi polloi,…

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The Importance of Learning about Window Dressing Designs

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Choose the Right Window Treatment to Increase Energy Efficiency. You may have chosen ultra – modern window treatments for your home from a reputed brand, expecting them to save you on energy bills and provide complete practical functionality. Are you happy with the outcome? If you are then you can stop reading here. If not, continue reading to evaluate the…

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Set Your Decor to Reflect Your Mood: Window Treatments

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Different Ways to Make the Same Window Treatment Look Different   With the winter having bid adieu, it’s exciting to be able to step outside and explore what needs to be done with the garden. Some of my tulips are already blooming and I need to replenish the soil on the beds and lay some grass on the lawns so…

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Save with insulating window treatments

Drapery-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

Insulating window treatments   In this era of sustainability, reducing energy consumption has become a priority for all property owners. While concerning the energy consumption and saving money; insulating window coverings play a crucial role in this. They are designed in such way that protects your indoor from outdoor heat and cold. When coverings insulate outdoor cold & heat; in…

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Window Treatment Ideas for your home

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Color Selection for window treatment ideas Figuring out what color to put inside your home can sometimes be the most aggravating, mind-boggling, frustrating, husband killing kind of thing. Well, at least if you are me it can be, and yes, yes my poor husband, trust me I have heard that far too many times already. I mean he picked me…

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Keep Warm and Toasty this Winter with Window Coverings

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In the thick of the winter season, it’s important to keep ourselves warm. Canada is an unforgiving place this season, with temperatures plummeting into the negatives with abandon. We all need to keep warm, and we usually do it by raising the temperatures on our thermostats. Unfortunately, this comes with a cost… and we mean that literally! Every winter, heating…

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