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Renovate Your Home on Christmas Eve and Cherish Beautiful Moments

Window Treatments For Christmas Holidays

Decorate Your Home For The Holidays   From the moment of the first snow or just the start of the winter season, we wait excitedly for the Christmas holidays. Homes are decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths, bows, and poinsettias, windows at home or work are decorated and filled with lights and messages of joy. There is something very magical and…

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Geometric Patterns – The In Thing – Custom Drapery Panels

Artisan-Custom-Drapery-Panels-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

The Use of Patterns to Create Bold, Dynamic and Electric Interiors I have been decorating homes for my customers for quite a few decades now. I have seen the rise and fall of many trends in home furnishings and interior décor. My policy is to please the customer with what they require. When it comes to window treatments, I have…

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Window Treatment with Rain on the Window Pane

Soft-Folded-Roman-Shades-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

Saguenay, Terrace, Corner Brook, St. John’s, Prince Rupert Out of the night the thunder rang in my ear. I can’t fight the feelin’, Lord, that brings forth my fears. I wish it was over, Lord, please stop the rain. The rain that’s fallin’ on my window pane. (Grand Funk Railroad Lyrics)     Saguenay, Quebec Saguenay gets 950.8 mm of…

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The Glory of Handcrafted Expertise – Artisan Custom Roman Shades

Roman-Shades-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

Artisan Window Shading. Walking in the park is lovely, no doubt, but when you pass by a few people wearing the same tee or the same pair of loafers, the enthusiasm that you started out starts to wane. How many different Nike tees can there be? And really, how differently dressed can we be? After all, we’re the hoi polloi,…

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A Window treatments is work-in-progress

Blackout-cellular-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

Getting it right is not rocket science. Is it possible for anyone to get their window treatment perfect at the first attempt? Attaining perfection at the first attempt is possible though highly improbable because window dressing projects involve numerous variables and is dependent upon various disciplines each of which is an area of specialty by itself. Window dressing ideas stem…

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Set Your Decor to Reflect Your Mood: Window Treatments

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Different Ways to Make the Same Window Treatment Look Different   With the winter having bid adieu, it’s exciting to be able to step outside and explore what needs to be done with the garden. Some of my tulips are already blooming and I need to replenish the soil on the beds and lay some grass on the lawns so…

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The face of the home!

Zebra-Sheer-Shades-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

The face of the home! If eyes are windows to the soul, then windows are the eyes of a house that provide a glimpse of the world without and within. And if we were to carry forward the analogy and continue with this comparison of a house with a woman’s face – we would discover a whole range of similarities…

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Save with insulating window treatments

Drapery-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

Insulating window treatments   In this era of sustainability, reducing energy consumption has become a priority for all property owners. While concerning the energy consumption and saving money; insulating window coverings play a crucial role in this. They are designed in such way that protects your indoor from outdoor heat and cold. When coverings insulate outdoor cold & heat; in…

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Window Treatment Ideas for your home

Faux-Wood-Blinds-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

Color Selection for window treatment ideas Figuring out what color to put inside your home can sometimes be the most aggravating, mind-boggling, frustrating, husband killing kind of thing. Well, at least if you are me it can be, and yes, yes my poor husband, trust me I have heard that far too many times already. I mean he picked me…

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